Schiano on the Hot Seat

It’s official: Greedy Greg Schiano now has earned a chair among the top 10 Coaches on the Hot Seat.  Greedy Greg is #9, just behind Syracuse’s Greg Robinson in #8.

Here’s a tune for you, Greedy Greg.

The Detroit News, meantime, bestows the “goofball of the week” award to Greedy Greg and qb Mike Teel: 

We’ll split the award between Rutgers coach Greg Schiano and his quarterback, Mike Teel . Schiano is at least half a goofball for spurning Michigan to stay in New Jersey, where the Scarlet Knights are 0-3 and falling apart. Teel gets a well-earned share because he threw a late interception, then threw a punch at a teammate after Rutgers’ 23-21 loss to Navy. Schiano declined to suspend Teel for the incident. Rutgers’ opponents probably appreciate that.

If you missed it, today’s NY Times features an editorial, New Jersey in Denial. 

The Times writes: “The latest scheme to raise money for New Jersey’s transportation system is an admission of defeat by the Corzine administration and a victory for spineless legislators unwilling to confront the state’s budget crisis.”

We mention this because it highlights the caliber of the dunces, fools, and selfish cretins who have been prime backers of Rutgers football — Seatbelt Corzine and Three Ring Codey, are you reading?   Sigh.

Oh, well, let’s end Friday by listening to Greedy Greg’s favorite song.

5 Responses to Schiano on the Hot Seat

  1. ferdek says:

    the song sucks! try again…maybe “Money makes the world go round” from Cabaret

  2. John Lister says:

    So long, farewell, auf weidersehen, goodbye?

  3. ferdek says:

    two suspensions for the Morgan State game, very tough disciplinarian! what did they do? 1-3 and now comes the hard part of the schedule!

  4. Vagabond says:

    From Criminals to BoozeBags.Ah the right direction
    SLUSH FUND STATE has taken these days.A half filled Mud Pit for a stadium with encouraged Miami thug mentality students F bombing NAVY families and now a dancing drunk in the third filled BUddabing LOUNGE You think Coach Soprano is lighting up a stogie in his taxpayer
    funded SUV after that signature Win over yet another MEAC MONSTER?

  5. All the Way says:

    Amen borther

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