Racism at Rutgers?

Rutgers’ two biggest stars were suspended for the Morgan State exhibition — a sign that insiders say indicates a program hopelessly out of control.  There has been no official word on why the players were suspended, but there is plenty of speculation here.  

Some suggest racism — at the very least, a toxic double standard — played a role since Greedy Greg Schiano did not suspend white qb Mike Teel for slugging a teammate, but did suspend two rising African-American stars for an unspecified violation of team policies.  Lacking insight into what the players did to get suspended, we have no comment — but we will say it is intriguing that rumors of racism in the leadership of the football program are now rampant.  

Incidentally, per usual with the moral relativist Schiano, the young stars — who weren’t needed in a scrimmage against weak-sister Morgan State — will be reinstated for next week’s crucial Big East game against West Virginia.  Reminiscent, isn’t it, of Schiano’s sophistry re the Justin Francis fiasco. Count on Greedy Greg to take the moral high road, at least when nothing is on the line.

Game attendance for the Morgan State exhibition hit new lows, per the Star Ledger, a sentiment echoed by posters to the booster message board.  It’s obvious that a sagging Rutgers team won’t draw crowds sufficient to pay for a stadium expansion, meaning that if it occurred, NJ taxpayers would be stuck with the bill.  Basic maths skills indicate why this $100 million waste will never happen.

We like the lead to today’s NY Times game reporting:  “Bad weather joined forces with a bad team to keep many fans away from Rutgers Stadium on Saturday. “


10 Responses to Racism at Rutgers?

  1. MikeV says:

    So because a white player does not get suspended for something he shouldn’t be suspended for and 2 black players get suspended for something that wasn’t disclosed that makes the program racist? No one is spreading rumors about there being a racism problem within the athletic program but you. And accusations are far from rampant. Would it be possible for you to please use more hyperbole or at least site concrete sources instead of using a speculative thread on a message board as your proof. I thought the people that contribute to this site were supposed to have credibility but I should have known better.

    And in regards to the attendance: You do realize that we were playing a 1-AA opponent in the rain. Even though it did not rain that hard many people were anticipating tropical storm like weather.

    I would like for you to tell me how selling out the stadium 2 years in a row is less significant than one game in the rain that is clearly a statistical anomaly. How does one game prove what the attendance will be for the rest of the season? Please show me using this basic math that you must have studied at Rutgers.

  2. Alum from the Banks says:

    Basic Math? How about going 1-3 without playing any division games yet? What REAL football fan would want to miss Rutgers’ first win of the year? They had to wait 4 games to see it. We all need to face it, Rutgers built a “fair-weather” fan base and when the weather turned foul, both literally and figuratively, we saw where real loyalty stands. It is with a half-empty stadium.

    As for the racism, it seems a little far-fetched, but if you told me two weeks ago that the State was funneling $2 million through back door grants to the Football team, I would’ve been a little hesitant to accept that. This is the new Rutgers, where anything goes. Like another poster said: “You can’t spell corRUption without RU!”

  3. Huck Finne says:

    Mike V you’re mistaken to think that the low attendance for the Morgan State game is a statistical anomaly. Doug Graber and Terry Shea both had a few non-terrible seasons and then the greater situation that is football in New Jersey meant that they returned to mediocrity while in the big-time. Face it, three NFL teams saturate the market for football sports entertainment. The few people in New Jersey, who specifically like college football, drive to State College. (State College is also a great example of the fact that every financially successful college football program had an established fan base years, if not decades, prior to any NFL competition.) There are only so many people in New Jersey willing to spend money on football. Regardless of the ethics or any other issues surrounding big-time football at Rutgers, it’s not economically viable in this market.

  4. Vagabond says:

    What a BigTime situation on the Banks. People couldn’t give away their tickets to the dog with fleas snake oil tent extravaganza. Best four plays o’ the day,SNY cutting away the entire 2nd quarter of coverage to the Mets Clubhouse to avoid this travesty;Teel getting picked while throwing yet another pick in the third quarter(when he should’ve been sitting), after Schiano busted two video machines at halftime in the locker room in yet another hissy fit at university expense;the “Sardines and Porkin Beans” tribute by the Magnificent Morgan State “home schooled”Marching Band led by the Honorable Dr. LEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEroy Brown and finally, the creme de la creme having a Dancin Dick Codey double perform live on the big screen after getting snockered at the Buddabing Lounge. Just another Rutgers gimmick to keep the fewer and fewer fans in their soaked seats while they still can’t score in the third quarter in 2008 and now the 4th,even against another MEAC doormat that was paid six figures to come in and lay down.They went from becoming the simple Jersey Joke to now SNY’s Ultimate Sideshow.Hurry Hurry Hurry,the ciRcUs is in town,why won’t anyone come anymore?

  5. ferdek says:

    CENSORSHIP! shocking and disgraceful and childish!

  6. bronxboy says:

    Mike V – This isn’t baseball. RU has only half a dozen home games a season. When you’re trying to convince the world that the stadium expansion will be financed by wildly enthusiastic, free spending capacity crowds for the next thirty years the boosters better fill the place regardless of the weather or opponent.

    Apparently the RU fan base is now so insignificant that SNY and its sponsors had no problem preempting the football game for a Mets post game show! This decision speaks volumes about RU being NYC’s college team and the irrelevance of big time football in this area.

  7. MikeV says:

    I’m just going to go out on a limb here and say that none of you fellows were at the game yesterday. During the Doug Graber and Terry Shea years there was never a point where 30,000 fans, which was about how many showed, coming to a game would be a low attendance figure. The crowd was announced as a sellout yesterday (because all of the tickets were sold) but I am not naive enough to think every seat was filled. The main difference that anyone at the game could gather was that there were much fewer children and to a lesser extent wives and girlfriends at the game due to the weather than there are normally. The bottom line is that every single ticket was paid for. The fact remains that weather has an effect on attendance no matter where you play.

    Vagbond: Really? You expect people to be disappointed with a 40pt victory? You probably need to get a life… yeah that’s what my recommendation to you is… get a life.

  8. MikeV says:

    No stadium will be completely packed when there is a forecast of heavy heavy rain. Had the weather been nice you better believe we would have had a full house. The seats that were empty were paid for. I don’t know if you understand that when you buy a ticket you pay for it whether or not you attend the game. The only other empty seats were those belonging to students. Again the school does not lose any revenue for student no shows.

    Also, the Mets were in the heat of a playoff race and the channel they own (SNY) decided to have post game coverage for that afternoon’s game. Was it wrong of them? Yes. Will it happen again? Not this year. I’m sure they will fix any scheduling issues that arise for next year.

  9. Vagabond says:

    Norfolk State is already booked solid for your $400,000 doormat in 2009 to avoid another O-fer for Lord Fauntleroy. Word now floating around the Big East is that some members what the Knights bounced from the conference.Don’t beleive it,call some of the media types and other schools media people. Wouldn’t it be something when the Trained Goose left,Rutgers joined him? Out of curiosity who is going to foot the bill for the lockerroom incident and damaged equipment at halftime yesterday? Anybody ever wonder where all that 50-50 money has gone at the last three home games since no winner is ever announced anymore? New angle on a new slush fund perhaps? Wonder if Legalized Games of Chance might want to review this shell game Mikey? Also, how come the coach now needs four troopers around him home and away? When times are tough create more tit jobs for the KingPin. Team still sleeping in 4 Starhotels the night before HOME games? The press reported several room and board paying students haven’t gotten their rooms yet this ,while the MEAC financiers are putting their guys up in 4 star accomodations for the season and other staff for bowl games?Makes a lot of sense,doesnt it?

  10. All the Way says:

    No more Big East for Rutgers? If they were either forced out or left due to economic reasons,what conference would really want them with all their baggage and no meaningful tradition?

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