Rutgers ranks #112 in the current Sagarin, neck and neck with Wofford (?).  Somehow we doubt the Wofford coach is paid $2 million.

Way to go, Greedy Greg!  You are well on your way to notching a spot among the nation’s most over-paid coaches and could we expect otherwise when the AD is the clueless Trenton lifer Mulcahy III, whose career has been marked by a progression of money-losers.

Incidentally, yesterday’s Star Ledger ran a column by Fran Wood that contained this: “[Rutgers’] headsets cost $83,800, by the way, and since the team by my count has 14 coaches, that’s about $6,000 per set. Sounds like they shop at the same place as the Pentagon.”

As Wood knows, this is just one of countless wretched fiscal excesses by a football program that is drowing in red ink.  From unnecessary hotel stays before home games, to ridiculous headsets (has Schiano or his assistants ever said anything intelligent during a game?  They always seem hopelessly out-thought), the Rutgers football program gushes money — as $500 million and more in “deferred” maintenance eats away at the university’s physical plants.  Dorms and student cafeterias are distintegrating as football players wolf down lavish meals, all paid for by us, Rutgers students and NJ taxpayers.  Never forget: Rutgers football has never made a dime, its losses are well up into eight figures since Schiano took over eight years ago, and all there is to show for it is a football team with a laughable ranking and a coach with a lifetime losing record.


7 Responses to Wofford???

  1. Vagabond says:

    So will the Coach and AD allow the Army Corps of Cadets the right to march in during pregame at the stadium on Novemeber 22nd? Will they site fear of losing home field advantage if this happens,yet again as there feeble excuse for the reguar dis? More double talk and disrespect for our Armed Services and Academies,nothing more.The OoLLa Girls,Blue Ice and the mighty 8 Bear Booty Shakers got the hearty nod,while our uniformed service opponents just get f bombed under the “right direction” touters. QB’s rushing the stands and punching fellow players,gun wielding holdup heroes,female assaulters and now two
    1st team boozebags. Building a program,give us all a break.

  2. MikeV says:

    “our uniformed service opponents just get f bombed under the “right direction” touters. QB’s rushing the stands and punching fellow players,gun wielding holdup heroes,female assaulters and now two
    1st team boozebags. Building a program,give us all a break.”
    You are a joke:

    Last year’s incident with Navy was a situation where a couple hundred students got carried away. And they were not directing anything towards the people actually fighting or even midshipmen in the stands, but rather towards an opposing football team. But you are probably rational enough of a person to understand the difference.

    When was there a QB rushing the stands incident? I’d love to hear this one. And yeah Mike Teel did give Glen Lee a smack in the helmet but so what its not the end of the world.

    “Gun wielding hold-up heroes”? You do know they got in trouble for having bb-guns right?

    boozebags? So now you expect college kids not to drink? Even if it is illegal somewhere around 90% of kids drink underage in college. Do you mean to tell me that that isnt the norm on almost any college campus in America. Remember that the players on the team are kids… 18-22 year olds, just like you were when you entered college. they are going to do normal college things. To say that Schiano is not building a program would be just as ignorant of a statement as saying that this RU1000 group is anything more than a group of self hating ivy league rejects that has nothing better to do than ruin every other student’s college experience

  3. Valentine Mott says:

    My only fear is that, with RU foozball’s pitiful record and locker room mismanagement, Penn State will no longer want to court Greedy Greg at the end of the season.

  4. Alum from the Banks says:

    Ruin a student’s college experience? Isn’t that what big time football does by turning higher education into a spectacle sport frenzy?

    An argument defending football as “the collegiate experience” boils down to “I really like football and don’t take football away from me.” I like football a lot, but not at the expense of higher education…Rutgers students deserve much better than a couple of home games in the fall to be their “college experience.”

  5. MikeV says:

    What then would you say a student’s “college experience” should be. I never said that football was the only part of a student’s college experience but it certainly is a large part of many student’s fall semester. The only argument anyone on this site really makes is ” I don’t like football, all of the players are stupid jocks, anyone who likes football is a retard, and those are the reasons we should get rid of it.

    Maybe the finger should be pointed to Trenton. At a time where more money is being spend from state to state on higher education the state of NJ has reduced the amount of money going to its Universities. Hard to blame that on the football team or on “greedy greg” as one of you so originally dubbed him…. brilliant.

  6. Alum from the Banks says:

    Mike, the essential “college experience” is learning and personal development. Ask any college administrator. Football is part of the greater community of college life, but not necessary to the life of a school. The Ivy League itself is an athletic conference. It just happens to be an athletic conference that has the best private colleges in the nation as its members.

    You are missing the real argument here: it is not football or basketball that is the problem. It is the corruption, secret deals, drunk students screaming “F— You Navy” and diverting of resources both public and financial to a program that in the end hurts a school’s academic community. In Rutgers’ case unlike many other schools, money is so tight that this type of spending is unheard of anywhere else in the University. We don’t have the pots of money like Michigan or Stanford to invest in a high risk market like big time athletics.

    The reason why this kind of football is different is not the rules ON the field, but OFF the field. Lying and misleading the public anywhere is reprehensible and it happens on a daily basis with Rutgers Athletics, acting in the name of Rutgers University.

    I do agree with you that Trenton needs to get out of Rutgers’ business, but Rutgers needs a lot more funding and show its transparency. Once Corzine is gone next year, let’s hope things turn around.

  7. MM says:

    Does anyone know why Greg Schiano needs a State Police escort? I mean, is there some reason to believe his life is in danger or does he just want to imitate coaches in the SEC and other yahoos?

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