Rutgers Fans Caterwauling

With their football season in full collapse (all but the dimmest fans recognize that Rutgers is now a Bottom 10 team with a solid hold on inadequacy), Rutgers boosters have turned to other things such as bashing local hero Bruce Springsteen for letting his son go to Boston College.


BC is #34 in the US News rankings.

Rutgers is a dismal #64, tied with Texas A & M.


Had Springsteen insisted his kid go to RU, that might have been instant grounds for a child abuse arrest.

Rutgers is tumbling ever further down in the rankings.  The infrastructure literally is falling apart. Forty years ago, RU was a much better school than BC. No more, thanks to the misdirection of the Three Stooges, McCormick, Mulcahy, and Greedy Greg Schiano, aka Shady. 

Wake up, Scarlet Knights, and smell the stench of failure, academically and athletically.

And to think Shady Schiano makes a half-million more in salary/bonuses than does the BC football coach. Only in New Jersey!


3 Responses to Rutgers Fans Caterwauling

  1. MM says:

    I went to Rutgers and would never let my kid go to that bloated eyesore of a community college. In fact, I told him that it was one of the few places I wouldn’t give him a dime for. I didn’t have to worry. Last summer, while returning from college vists with him and 3 of his classmates (after seeing Wake, Duke, UNC, Richmond, Georgetown & JHU) I took the kids on a swing through RU. As they say, one look was all it took.

  2. Julia-MAry Schmidt says:

    I am the biggest Bruce fan going. It’s all about what his son is looking for in a school and simply because he’s from Jersey does not mean that his son must attend our State University. Plus it tkase pressure off his kid to stay focused on school and not always hear questions about his father. I know there are plenty of Bruce fans in Boston that will ask Evan questions but it won’t be like being in Jersey.
    Julia/South Amboy NJ

  3. RC91 says:

    So like the weak-souled, PC-infested world of academia–of which I fancy myself being a member, only, I live “academia” and don’t whine about not having enough money to share my passion for education and wisdom and enlightenment and life like many of those on this site–BLAME others for your own failings!

    You are the same people who have made it popular to blame every human failing on some past, deep, dark hidden event from childhood–“I haven’t come to terms that they my parents refused to give me a skateboard when I was 11 when everyone else had one–that is why I am so miserable…”. “I haven’t come to terms with 9/11 yet…no closure yet!”

    STOP YOUR WHINING! Bruce is genius. In his “under-educated”, blue-collar way he has caught the vibe of the White European world’s post-WWII clash with modernity! He has captured in simple words like “all the redemption I can offer is beneath this dirty hood” the dysfuntionality of our post-war, market-centric, invididual-first system! Look around us…our American way of life has driven the world to the brink of no-return: ecologically and economically (gloabal warming v. global meltdown). In other words, Bruce would be foolish to send his son to RU just because he is from NJ. Many of the “academics” are weak and not spectacular so they abuse the football program as the scape-goat! Scape-goats have rights, too; and, so, please at least BE SOMEWHAT FACTUAL!

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