Shoddy Construction Plagues Stadium Expansion

Club seat owners now are complaining about leaks that made sitting through the pointless Morgan State game all the more unpleasant.

Club seats of course cost $3000 and up and, apparently, takers are getting not only a bad football team but also a bad seat.

Of course there have been buckets of prior complaints about the contractor, Gilbane, so what better would you have expected?

The real question is why Mulcahy III hired Gilbane when the contractor had been fired from work on NJ public schools.

Meantime, the Chronicle of Higher Education reports the credit crisis leaving many colleges unable even to pay salaries.  And you still think Rutgers will able to float $100 million in bonds to pay for a stadium expansion that has a laughable repayment scheme and when boosters apparently were able to pony up only around $90k in donations…towards a $30 million goal.


3 Responses to Shoddy Construction Plagues Stadium Expansion

  1. All the Way says:

    How did it get a C.O.? Poeple questioned that right before the opening game. Speaking of this misdirection,what has happened to the supposed three investigations looking into Rutgers activites? Well over a month and not one thing out there or are they all sweeping things under the rug?

  2. Shame on You says:

    This blog is a joke – if you don’t like the stadium project (and clearly you don’t) so be it but dragging a fine company like family owned Gilbane, one of the most reputable firms in the nation since 1873, into your pathetic muckraking is an embarassment. You should be ashamed

  3. John Lister says:

    And did you notice that we’re subsidizing those premium seats? From the article:

    Club Seats
    Annual premium seat gift: $2,500
    (80 percent tax deductible)
    Ticket price per seat: $650
    Total: $3,150

    Loge Box (four seats per box)
    Annual premium box gift: $15,000
    (80 percent tax deductible)
    Cost per box $2,600
    Total $17,600

    Let’s take the Loge Box as an exampe: the puported cost is $17,600 but you can deduct 80% of $15,000 = $12,000 from your taxes. Assuming you’re in a marginal 50% bracket, that’s worth $6,000 to you. Or, to put it another way, we’re paying $6,000 for your seats.

    I would say that if it’s impossible to buy the seats without the “donation”, then that is part of the seat cost and none of it should be deductible.

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