Good Business Students and Bad Business Practice

Today’s guest blog submitted by a Rutgers alumnus:


Rutgers Media Relations issued this today. Wall Street Journal Ranks Rutgers Business School EMBA at #19 Worldwide, #4 Among Public Universities.

Despite cut state funding and a frenzied squandering of resources in Athletics, chalk a couple points up for academics today, as our Business programs garners some genuine merits. If only Rutgers Leadership and State Officials could enroll in some elementary business courses and learn what sound financial practice actually means. We’ll just have to wait on financial transparency  and fiduciary responsibility for next semester.

In the meantime, we leave you with an essay written by William Dowling, the object of every booster’s scorn. Should Academic Prostitution for Athletics be legal? We’ll leave this business call to you.


12 Responses to Good Business Students and Bad Business Practice

  1. MM says:

    Big deal. Check out how US News & World Reports ranks the undergraduate program.

  2. MikeV says:

    Right being the 4th highest ranked public business school is completely insignificant… You must be an absolute joy to be around. You can’t even acknowledge when something good happens. I’m sorry you weren’t invited to any parties when you were in college and still haven’t gotten over that fact.

  3. Alum from the Banks says:

    Getting laid and sweet parties, that’s what makes someone’s point valid!

    To note: It is the Executive MBA program within the business school that is 4th among public schools, not the entire business school. But quibbling over rankings is wasted air (or cyberspace). The REAL irony is that we can produce good business students, but our leaders are left clueless to sound business practice. I wonder if we can get a Higher Ed Bailout.

  4. MM says:

    Actually, MikeV, I was in a fraternity, lived there for 2 years and was an officer for 1. I didn’t need an invitation to any party.
    It’s not the 4th best public business school. The reference is to those weekend executive programs. The only thing Rutgers is in the top 4 of anything (besides philosophy) is the ranking of the ugliest campus in America. We may be numero uno in that category.

  5. MikeV says:

    I never said it makes his point valid or not. But maybe it could cause him to have an axe to grind with the school… That certainly could be plausible. If you have read any of his other comments all this guy does is bash Rutgers for anything and everything, even though he attended. Sounds like it could be unresolved issues surfacing 20 years after the fact.

  6. MM says:

    What “other comments?”

  7. Valentine Mott says:

    Constructive criticism over the current state of affairs does not equal “bashing due to a grudge.” Criticism could be spurred on for many good reasons, such as the fact that MM is a thoughtful alumnus of Rutgers who is fighting to maintain its reputation as an old, distinguished institution of higher learning.

  8. John Lister says:

    Rutgers has appointed Richard J Costello to be Athletics’ financial watchdog at a cost of $207,000 per annum, plus $15,000 temporary housing allowance.

    Let’s see. That’s about Men’s swimming and all of Crew, just to tell Football how not to spend our money. What is wrong with this picture?

  9. MM says:

    One last thought MikeV; check out Business Weekly’s rankings of anything business related. That Superfund site you call a university is nowhere to be found. Do me a favor. In the future, refer to me as a “basher.” I don’t chat on the Rutgers jock forums because no one on that site can spell or construct a sentence. Still, I’ve always wanted the title.
    What your ilk doesn’t understand is that people like Bill Dowling care more about the value of your diploma than you do.
    Finally, the Rutgers football fans are a bunch of vulgarians. I have heard that from many sources.

  10. MikeV says:

    This was the comment that stuck in my head.

    “I went to Rutgers and would never let my kid go to that bloated eyesore of a community college.”

    I don’t think that makes him seem like a thoughtful alumnus fighting for the betterment of the University… In fact i would say that seems exactly like bashing. Or will you guys just overlook that and call it constructive criticism somehow.

  11. Alum From the Banks says:

    Mike, I am not going to defend the comment MM’s comment fully, but the next time you are on campus for a game, see if you can walk through the upper floors of Alexander Library to look at the desks carved with pornography and etchings for 10+ years. How is there money for so many lavish facilities for athletics, but the symbolic center of learning remains neglected, despite letters written to the Targum and complaints lodged directly to the President?

  12. cody says:

    John, guess who costello’s direct superviser is. This from the Star Ledger:
    “his direct supervisor will be Rutgers athletic director Robert E. Mulcahy.”

    So what will change?

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