Rutgers “Commits” Fleeing the Sinking Ship

Yet another member of Greedy Greg Schiano’s much lauded 2009 recruiting class seems to be hopping off Shady’s Sinking Ship, per the Ledger — defensive tackle Malcolm Bunche told he was “re-opening” the recruiting process.  Rutgers boosters of course are stunned.

That makes Bunche the third “commit” to reconsider as Greedy Greg’s coaching inadequacies become ever more vivid.  Per the Ledger: “Rutgers has already had two marquee recruits decommit, with all-purpose back Desmond Scott of Durham, N.C., opting to verbally commit to Duke instead and Immaculata High’s Mark Brazinski, rated the nation’s No. 1 center by, reopening his recruiting after giving Rutgers a verbal.”

Watch for more to leap off this sinking ship.  Even high school kids have figured out what Mulcahy III will never, Schiano can’t coach…the stadium expansion is DOA…and Rutgers is back where it belongs, among the worst teams in the Big East.

Speaking of the cockamamie stadium expansion, today’s New York Times has a long take on how the nation’s credit crisis is hammering college finances. (Wall Street Journal has a similar piece here.) Members of the Rutgers BoG may be dumb enough to think the $100 million can still be raised for the unneeded extra seating, but they will be singing solo and will watch their tin cups rust out at the bottom.

And speaking of singing…this blog yesterday was referenced in an piece…about Bruce Springsteen.

Last note: even sports writers are taking notice of the disconnect between Greedy Greg’s outsized pay packet and his performance.  Check out Rich Bozich in the Courier-Journal.  Way to go Greggie, it’s always nice to see Rutgers recognized for something even if it is overpaying you!


One Response to Rutgers “Commits” Fleeing the Sinking Ship

  1. John Lister says:

    You just have to laugh at this comment posted here! Worth copying:

    It’s obvious who is to blame for all this.

    It’s the Star Ledger for printing all those negative stories on the shady dealings involved with financing the Rutgers football program. The Ledger also had the gall to print the scores of Rutgers football games this season.

    If the Star Ledger goes out of business, as many of the Scarlet Knight diehards are hoping will happen, then all those football troubles will just go away and Rutgers will have the number one program in the country.

    Indeed! The team is doing very well, except for those pesky scores.

    Seriously though, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. At one level, I’m pleased to see that the unsupportable football program is falling apart which gives new broom management the chance to replace it with something that better fits Rutgers’ needs (and allows restoration of the cut sports). On the other hand, there is still the stadium cost which I see I’m going to pay somehow when Rutgers dumps it on the state (as it will have to do).

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