“The Schiano Bubble”

CBSSports.com’s Dennis Dodd tags Rutgers as a huge “disappointment” in this piece: “Rutgers was as solid a program as there was in the country. Or so we thought. The Scarlet Knights spent millions on facilities upgrades, then lost by a combined 49 points at home to Fresno State and North Carolina. Quarterback Mike Teel smacked a teammate on the sideline. You wonder which way Rutgers is headed the rest of the season.”

Funny.  We never thought of Rutgers as “a solid program” — more as a vaporous manifestation of Greedy Greg’s monumental ego and Shady Schiano had already established himself as a poor coach with a lifetime losing record (Saturday in Morgantown he will notch his 50th loss against 39 career wins — some record for the highest paid public employee in NJ).

But the disconnect between the tens of millions spent on football facilities and Schiano’s on-field performance had not escaped us.

Talk about bubbles — there could be an investigation into “the Schiano Bubble,” where a slick-talking non-performer connives his way into a massive pay packet. 

Which reminds us of the poignant comment by disbelieving Rutgers player Eric Foster after last year’s unexpected loss to Maryland: “We feel like we’re an elite team,” defensive end Eric Foster said. “We practice like we’re an elite team,” Foster told the NYTIMES.  Indeed, but Rutgers last year played like a mediocrity and this year is worse as the Schiano Bubble bursts.

Here’s a little music to get in the proper mindset for Saturday.  This is what we are talking about.


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