Rutgers and the Death of Standards

Academics and athletics, imperfect together, at least at Rutgers.  Read this from an insider’s recruiting blog: “Every school has their own guidelines and own criteria,” Melvin [Chris Melvin of] said. “(Marcus) Witherspoon got into Rutgers but he didn’t get into Michigan. George Johnson got admitted into Rutgers, but not Virginia.”

Let us not go into the specifics of the young men mentioned — we respect their privacy and wish them the very best in life — but contemplate what Melvin is saying.  Kids who cannot qualify at good state universities are qualifying at Rutgers…which is less and less a good state university.

Yes, there are cases where even Rutgers says no (the recruiting blog item is largely about a talented young man from Teaneck and his inability to qualify at RU) — but evidence is mounting that Rutgers is finding many ways to let in student-athletes who are not qualifying elsewhere.

We recently blogged about the Witherspoon case, the Johnson case is news to us (some info is here) — but the upshot is that Rutgers under Greedy Greg Schiano is opening its doors to kids who have found the entry gates at other colleges slammed shut.


One Response to Rutgers and the Death of Standards

  1. Grumpy Alum says:

    I’m back in the country after a month-long break in Europe, and it’s an absolute joy to see the Knights heading south faster than the sun. Who knows? Perhaps 2-10 is on the cards?

    Keep up the good blog work.

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