Rutgers Loses (Again)

The NYTimes story about the loss to West Virginia and which left RU 1-4 contains this gem: “It is the worst start for Rutgers since 2002, when it finished 1-11. The loss fittingly capped an unsettled week for the program, which is facing intense scrutiny about its spending practices for a new stadium and the compensation package for Coach Greg Schiano.”

Already many fans are calling for Greedy Greg to be fired.  Others are asking how a $2 million pay packet can be justified for one of the least able coaches in a bottomfeeder conference.  Finally, sanity is prevailing as the recognition spreads that in this wretched economy — and with this overpaid, untalented coach — going forward with the $100 million stadium expansion makes as little sense as paving the Raritan River and turning it into a street hockey venue.

Amazing what a few losses will do to fan loyalty in the NY metropolitan area, a point suggested years ago by Richard McCormick the Elder.  But with a season that is over, with bowl hopes dashed, with the local economy in free-fall, and with a pivotal board of governors meetings on the horizon (it’s slated for October 13), it must be interesting to be the Three Stooges (McCormick, Mulcahy, and Schiano).  Interesting indeed because our expectation is the BoG will finally make public its decision to “delay” the stadium expansion.  It’s all over now.


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