“Dump Mulcahy” — HNT

Watch the chorus get louder, as realization grows that Rutgers has been operating under an expensive and pernicious delusion for the past decade.  Rutgers AD Robert Mulcahy III could not chart a course of success in bigtime sports anymore than he could explain what cognitive scientist Jerry Fodor finds wrong with David Rosenthal’s HOT theory— and if you haven’t a clue about that, fear not, Mulcahy knows less.  He is a man who cannot even get men’s bathrooms and hotdog stands to work right (ask anybody about the long, long lines and the product shortages at Rutgers Stadium).

We’ve known Mulcahy III was a failed Trenton hack from the moment we heard about him (even Fran Lawrence knew and he is a man whose momma couldn’t even make a roux).

Now Rutgers’ home-court newspaper, the Home News & Tribune, has awakened to reality, with an editorial, “Dump Mulcahy.”

The editorial starts with the hiring of Richard Costello as assistant AD — and then crashes head-on into Mulcahy’s wretched failure of a career.  “[This hiring] is a tacit admission by the school that its athletics programs have been horribly managed and are in immediate need of a ready savior. For another, it says that Director of Athletics Robert E. Mulcahy III hasn’t done his job. Since the school now has a replacement in the wings, and since Rutgers has more or less conceded that Mulcahy isn’t up to the task, he should be given his walking papers with all due speed.”

The editorial continues: “It is absurd to employ two top administrators — both at astronomical salaries — to perform what are essentially the same job functions. It is even more absurd to keep Mulcahy in the fold when he is the author of so many of the school’s most infamous embarrassments.”

We could not say it better (tho we have said much the same, repeatedly, many times in this space).

Are we joyous about this editorial?  Quite the contrary.  We are saddened, deeply, because it will take many millions of dollars to unravel Mulcahy III’s stupidities.  Between the stadium expansion and ludicrous, bloated salary packages for Greedy Greg Schiano and basketball coach Fred Hill, Jr., along with their platoons of assistants, Mulcahy has spearheaded spending tens of millions of dollars Rutgers does not have.  Each of those dollars comes out of academics and, in turn, many are picked from the pockets of NJ taxpayers.  Most of those dollars also have simply been wasted because Mulcahy III shouldn’t be tasked with running a pay toilet, no less a multi-million dollar sports enterprise (which is why he was fired from the New Jersey Sports and Exposition Authority).

As the Home News says, blow the whistle on this con game.  Fire Mulcahy.  Begin the healing.


One Response to “Dump Mulcahy” — HNT

  1. Grumpy Alum says:

    Very heartening to see the wider community start to wake up to the fact they’re being scammed.

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