Witherspoon (More)

Memo to Richard Costello:


Before you get too comfy in your new job as chief janitor for Mulcahy’s Messes, you might want to poke into the strange case of Marcus Witherspoon.  We blogged about this a few days ago, and as we wrote it up, one strange fact smacked us between the eyes.  Michigan football coach Rich Rodriguez — a man never in contention for intellectual of the year — apparently found Mr. Witherspoon’s academic credentials so lacking that Rodriguez said he was ineligible, would never be eligible, and would never play for Michigan, all that after Witherspoon had taken a summer course online via Brigham Young, with the hope of repairing his academic record.

Rutgers then entered the scene and embraced Mr. Witherspoon, cue the violins.

We admit to perplexity.  Witherspoon allegedly aced the course — a proud moment, doubtless — but that prompted Rodriguez to give him the boot?  Why?

Initially we asked the question, how could Witherspoon be eligible at Rutgers but not at Michigan, but we are hearing whispers that that is entirely the wrong question.

Mr. Costello, do you know the right question?

Will you share it with us?  We are on the edge of our seats and, frankly, watching the Scarlet Knights sputter is not filling us with much excitement.  You just may have the info we crave.  Spill, Dicky, spill.


One Response to Witherspoon (More)

  1. All the Way says:

    THe DumbBell Express is loading up on it’s annual trip through the back tunnels of the RUtgers Admiisions Railway. Big Nate, the original Engineer in training will take you there via his new short cut route past the Schiano Mansion and Gilbane Gorge with no stops at the NCAA Clearinghouse Station,SAT Central or the Admissions Board platform. You’ll go directly to Mentor Village,unload your bags and be escorted by Slush Fund Reps who will have your aides take classes and tests for you. You will be limo’s to practice via the Gamper Livery Service and get to stay in 4 star hotels for home games while fellow students still sleep in dorm lounges.You want to pack a gun,no problem.Want to smack around a coed,we got you covered.Just call Hendy.He’ll take care of everything,free of charge.From here on out big boy,UR Untouchable. So don’t fret our new found friend.Just leave your grey matter at the door and enjoy the scarlet ride.”Livin Large on the M&M Barge”. RU toot toot until you get the boot boot.

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