“Jeer to Rutgers University”

The Courier Post News says it bluntly: JEER: To Rutgers University for deciding to answer critics of the university’s spending on athletics by hiring a new administrator in the athletics department who will earn $195,000 a year and get an annual automobile stipend of $12,000….This is a tough one to swallow, especially for students overwhelmed by their tuition bills and facing huge student loan repayments when they graduate because the price of attending Rutgers has gotten so high.

Dicky Costello, here’s some welcome music for you.


2 Responses to “Jeer to Rutgers University”

  1. All the Way says:

    Let’s see,the head coach gets a rented Escalade at about 1,000 per month.Now the assistant to the AD gets the same deal.Wonder if this Delaware State numbers guy can get $2M down the road as part of his package?

  2. StubberHubber says:

    Say it aint so. What happened to all those ANNOUNCED Rutgers Football Sellouts promised by the administration? The ticket office is now begging locals to please buy several thousand for the final three home games. Maybe it’s how you define sellout.

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