Another Decommit

Malcolm Bush, a Hackensack football star, has apparently withdrawn his “verbal” to Rutgers and has re-opened the recruitment process, per the Rivals website.  That makes four and counting who have jumped off the Schiano Steamer.  High school kids, apparently, are loads smarter than boosters, at least some of whom still operate under the delusion that there is a program and a plan under the Three Stooges of Piscataway.

Meantime, the Gannett central Jersey papers weigh in with an editorial titled, Rutgers’ plan: Spend more on administration.  It starts out as an attack on the newly created $200k administration position filled by Dicky Costello (manager in charge of cleaning up Mulcahy III’s messes)…but then this editorial takes a very broad swipe at what passes for direction at Rutgers: “School leaders are behaving as if the only problems here could be found in accounting practices or oversight. But there are other issues. Why the secrecy about the Schiano contract provisions? Why the urgency for a $100 million stadium expansion already proving difficult to pay for, an expansion that would be only a couple of bad seasons away from being pointless? Why place such importance on the football program at all?”

Why indeed?  We have been asking the very same questions and there are no answers, not from this Rutgers administration.  And that is why we need a new administratration.


4 Responses to Another Decommit

  1. MM says:

    Everybody knew Bobby M. was utterly unqualified for the job. He has been sucking on the public teat his entire career and always had a soft landing. The RU AD job was just the latest in a long line of public sector jobs he has had given to him. I swear the guy must have pictures of the last 5 governors in compromising positions. The guy is even a member of Baltusrol Golf Club at our expense. No one believes he could make it in the private sector so there was always someone to take care of him. In a way he’s the most insulting and pathetic member of the Lawrence, McCormick & Mulcahy triumvirate.

  2. ferdek says:

    Schadenfreude! This should be about improving RU’s academics. Move the ball up the field.

  3. All the Way says:

    5 decommits in 10 days. Something’s up.The RUtanic is taking on water and some are just moving deck chairs around.

  4. MikeV says:

    All the Way:

    5 decommits in 10 days? Where are you getting that false information? What 5 players decommitted in the last 10 days? I would love to know.

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