Schiano Humbled?

That’s how Patriot-News sports columnist David Jones sees it.  In a write up about Penn State’s Joe Paterno’s possible successors, Jones writes: “Former Penn State assistant Greg Schiano, at one time the boy wonder of north Jersey, has seen his Scarlet Knights spiral to 1-4 and his program’s spending largesse tailed by a new deputy athletic director.

Not long ago, Schiano brimmed with testosterone, snapped off his consonants like Teddy Roosevelt and pierced questioners with dagger eyes. After a succession of butt-kickings, RU watchers say he’s suddenly disconsolate, quiet and profoundly humbled.”

Meantime, the NYTimes looks back at the 2006 upset loss by Rutgers at Cincinnati.  Since then, two things have happened, per the Times:

*Rutgers is 11-11 (Cincy, on the other hand, has “been the team on the rise, going 17-4, including that victory”).

* “Schiano signed a contract extension that will pay him $1.7 million a year through 2016.”

Memo to Dicky Costello: have you checked your boss, Big Bobby Mulcahy, for signs of IQ life?  How dumb is this guy?    

As for Schiano and the purported humility, he still strikes us as a vastly overpaid conman who managed to fool Big Bobby Mulcahy…and leave us stuck with paying his tab for years to come.


2 Responses to Schiano Humbled?

  1. Grumpy Alum says:

    Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. I’m sure it’s the lost opportunity to flee to Penn that’s hurting the most…

  2. ferdek says:

    2016!!!!Incredible…buyout=????take it out of McCormick/Mulcahy’s pay package…

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