Judgment Day: Fire Mulcahy

Ho-hum, the latest Sagarin ratings place Rutgers football at 97, ahead of Marshall but inferior to Arkansas State, Richmond, Buffalo, Weber State, and a bunch more schools we did not know played football (some we did not even know existed).  Do you believe these schools pay their coach $2 million per year?

That is entirely on athletic director Bobby Mulcahy, the village idiot of Piscataway, the same Mulcahy who has championed the even more idiotic idea of putting Rutgers on the hook to add $100 million of seating to a stadium that will stand empty next season as fans flee a football program that has imploded.  Says ESPN’s Brian BennettRutgers is just bad enough to be awful.

Even homer reporters have turned on Greedy Greg Schiano, as the recognition spreads that Rutgers — despite a bigtime football budget — is doomed to fail because Schiano is a bad coach.  Read Tom Luicci in the Ledger:

* “Greg Schiano [is] stubborn. He always talks about playing the people who give the team the best chance to win. But he plays favorites. And his handling of personnel is bizarre at times. Players have prominent roles one game, then disappear for a month after that….” 

Asked why is Rutgers losing, Luicci writes:

“Too much coaching turnover for one. Rutgers has lost a lot of top-notch assistants since 2006. Mediocre recruiting is another reason. There are so many “recruiting misses” this Rutgers roster it makes you wonder what the coaching staff was thinking when they got some of these players.”

That latter point is crucial.  Even when questions had been raised about Greedy Greg’s game-day coaching, most folks believed he is a master recruiter — and a Gannett analysis reinforces the contrarian view that that is baloney.  Question: why would a top high schooler come to Rutgers to play?  Schiano, obviously, is a self-centered ego-maniac who drives assistants away, he has no coaching ability, and he cannot makes mid-game adjustments.  So why is he New Jersey’s highest paid public employee by a wide margin?

Ask Big Bobby Mulcahy.

In the Gannett central Jersey papers, Paul Franklin, another homer, writes this: “Although the season is only half over, in truth it is quite over.

There will be no winning season. There will be no bowl game.

There is only an early obituary, a season that will be buried with three victories, maybe four at best.

This is a season that was born on promise but will die in underachievement.”

Wretchedly untalented as Greedy Greg Schiano is, the blame for the many millions of dollars of waste that is Rutgers football sits in Mulcahy’s lap.

Star Ledger readers know the blame is on Mulcahy.  Here is a sampling of their comments:

Posted by njdude101 on 10/11/08 at 9:34PM

Fire Bob “lost Rutgers millions” Mulcahy. Now. Please.

Posted by njdude101 on 10/11/08 at 9:43PM

“Newspapers reported that drastically falling revenues and chronic overspending [at the meadowlands] led to Mulcahy’s dismissal by Republican Governor Christine Whitman, who, in a deal with Democratic legislative leaders, was persuaded to appoint Mulcahy Athletics Director of Rutgers University. Though the appointment was reportedly made in defiance of the wishes of Francis L. Lawrence…”

Now this guy has given the RU screw to Rutgers students, alumni and taxpayers. Way to go buddy. I’m sure Schiano is upset – he’s probably using C-notes to dry his tears.


Posted by shoredogb on 10/11/08 at 9:50PM

Instead of firing Mulcahy, give him a raise, extend his contract so in turn he can add more seats to the stadium, give Schiano additional money under the table, extend his contract which will motivate him to win an extra game or two. This in turn will cause Rutgers to become more of a laughing stock in New Jersey and college athletics than it already is.

Posted by rutgersred on 10/12/08 at 1:59AM

Greg Schiano: He looks like a coach. He talks like a coach. He acts like a coach. BUT he is not a coach.

$2 miilion dollars for this??????


Posted by njisdonewith on 10/12/08 at 12:37PM

Just got a call the other night from Rutgers asking for a donation…after I stopped laughing, I told them call Schiano and ask him. If they can afford to pay a coach 2 million, let alone all the questionable perks, then they don’t need my money.

I do send money to my other alma mater…they value education above sports.

Headline: tomorrow, Oct. 13th, the Rutgers Board of Governors meets.  Await an announcement that Phase 2 of the stadium expansion is “delayed.”  That’s the word on the street in Trenton and in the blogosphere.


4 Responses to Judgment Day: Fire Mulcahy

  1. Grumpy Alum says:

    Well, we certainly haven’t heard much about the football program being blessed by God of late. Given Schiano’s relgious mania, I wonder if he’s going to request a new salary line from Mulcahy to hire an exorcist in order to cast out the demons that have obviously possessed the program.

  2. StubberHubber says:

    The Jersey Joke continues……….

  3. BoogieKnight says:

    You guys are hilarious! For starters, try following your own rules:
    “This is not a bathroom wall in the river dorms; we don’t need any more graffiti. Please refrain from inappropriate language, blind thoughtless attacks, and repetitive arguments.”

    I am amazed that you are taking such delight in the RU football program having an awful start to this season, especially coming after 3 winning seasons – and proclaiming that this season is living proof that you were so right all along. The success of a football team is measured in years, not on an individual game or on a single season. Virtually all college football teams have up and down years. Meanwhile, the RU1000 has been singing the same song year-in and year-out, so sooner or later you were going to have a season that matched your proclamations. Enjoy it while you can – things will soon start to turn more positive for RU football and you will be left eating crow.

    Regarding the “Star Ledger readers” to which you refer, a number of have admitted to being RU1000 members, and there are others who are likely to be RU1000 sympatheziers as well. So in large part, you are only patting yourselves on the back for your own members being critical of RU athletics.

  4. Valentine Mott says:

    BoogieKnight said it himself, “Virtually all college football teams have up and down years,” which affirms the fact that the the financing plan for the stadium, based on 30 seasons of 85% attendance at home games, is cockamamie.

    “Regarding the “Star Ledger readers” to which you refer, a number of have admitted to being RU1000 members, and there are others who are likely to be RU1000 sympatheziers [sic] as well.” – I’m glad to hear that RU1000’s message is reaching the masses and the public is joining the cause.

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