Radio 101.5 FM on the Stalled Stadium Expansion

The big NJ station reported today on the stadium mess, and built the piece around quotations from Rutgers 1000 member Robert McGarvey (RC 1970): 

“The university simply doesn’t have the liquidity, doesn’t have the access to cash to do much of anything,” said Robert McGarvey, a member of the Class of 1970 and the opposition group Rutgers1000. “I think it has to be postponed. That’s not Rutgers1000 talking. That’s not people opposed to football talking. That’s people who read about the financial markets.”

“There’s no way you can finance anything in the state of New Jersey right now,” he added. “Remember this university sought to raise $30 million in private contributions to pick up a portion of the total. Last I read, all that had come in was $1,000,090.”


2 Responses to Radio 101.5 FM on the Stalled Stadium Expansion

  1. John Lister says:

    It’s great to see that this issue is getting the publicity it needs. However, we have to give the boosters their (very small) due. They managed to scrape together $90K, not $90! Still, that’s less than $5 each.

  2. StubberHubber says:

    Most taxpayers and neutral observers are fairly fedup with the approach the state has taken allowing Rutgers administrators to simply add another layer of beuaraucratic BS to this matter.Now it’s two people doing the same job with a myriad of assistant AD’s that rival ENRON’s infrastructure. Most of those concerned are questioning if the state has an Attorney General and why they aren’t involved by now? Who’s watching the store in the end?It’s been shown that it sure in the heck isn’t the RU Board of Governors, the President,the AD, the booster clubs involved,the Senate,the legislature.

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