Home News & Tribune: Thumbs Down on the Stadium

The HN&T editorializes today against the stadium expansion: “University leaders have bungled the stadium project from day one, entranced by the glitter of big-time college football, the supposed riches it would deliver to the school, and certain promises by highly placed elected officials — Gov. Jon S. Corzine chief among them — that they would take it upon themselves to raise a big chunk of the necessary cash to bring the project safely home.

Those promises and predictions have fallen flat.”

The editorial asks who’s to blame, and it answers its own question: “Everyone, pretty much.” 

The fall guy will be Big Bobby Mulcahy, mainly because at age 72 he’s positioned to “retire.”  Our advice: don’t buy a 2009 work calendar.  You won’t be needing it, Big Bobby.

The stadium “expansion” will wind up much, much smaller than initially planned.  Some bleacher seating will be thrown up on a concrete pad and then university officials will crack the cheapest sparkling wine they can find to officially “open” the new Rutgers stadium.  Look for the $1.99 stuff at Trader Joe’s because everyone is wishing they had never heard the word “expansion.”

Rutgers, meantime, is stuck owing over $10 million to Greedy Greg Schiano, a coach inked to a longterm deal by a frantic — and thoroughly stupid — Mulcahy.  There frankly is no hope he’ll be hired anywhere else.  RU has to suck up this money, but hasn’t that always been so with key Big Bobby Mulcahy hires?

So Rutgers will be poorer, for many years to come.  As the HN&T writes: “Recent tough times have seriously damaged Rutgers University’s bottom line: dwindling state support is an annual occurrence; the cost of tuition has soared beyond the ability of many New Jersey families to pay; hundreds of courses have been cut; classroom staff has been axed, and six minor sports exist no more, all sent packing to save dollars.”

And even though, by now, everybody agrees that the stadium expansion plan is as cockamamie as we have always said it is, more millions will have to be spent to patch up the Piscataway hole.  Heads must roll in recompense and that means Big Bobby Mulcahy, several members of the Rutgers BoG, and — dare we dream — Slick Dicky McCormick.  There’s no time like now to start printing those pink slips.


2 Responses to Home News & Tribune: Thumbs Down on the Stadium

  1. John Lister says:

    Unfortunately, even if the plug is pulled now, there will still be expenses: for the box seats (and fixing the box seats since the roof leaks…), and the University will have to pay something to fix up the eyesore on River Road.

    But if Rutgers is really wanting to be open and above board, why isn’t McCormick sharing the real costs and projections with us. He promised us the financials back in January and has yet to deliver. It shouldn’t take FOIA requests: the information should be published voluntarily.

    Or is it even worse than we have been told?

  2. Grumpy Alum says:

    Again: in any organization that maintained even the most tenuous standards of accountability, randy Richard McCormick would have dismissed, sacked, fired. It would have been over. Period. Finito. The fat lady would have sung and gone backstage. Randy Richard would be a dead parrot.


    It says so much – sadly – about both Rutgers and NJ that the brute incompetence and breathtaking arrogance that drove this stadium fantasy is tolerated as almost routine. I fear that it’s all but too late for Rutgers to arrest the slide into mediocirity.

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