Who is ruining Rutgers?



12 Responses to Who is ruining Rutgers?

  1. RUSupporter says:

    The most harm has been caused to Rutgers by the people who do everything in their power to get negative press out there about the school.

  2. Huck Finne says:

    It seems you are suggesting that Rutgers has a mere PR problem. True quality institutions, academic and otherwise, spend very little effort worrying about who says good and bad things about them. Because they are high quality, most people tend to say good things about them. If Rutgers spent more time making good decisions vice putting effort into poor attempts at spinning bad decisions, the public relations ‘problem’ would miraculously disappear.

  3. Concerned says:

    Can’t we choose ‘All of the Above’? They all have to go and RU has to leave too, leave Division 1A and the Big East that is.

  4. Alum from the Banks says:

    Obviously, RU Supporter is referring to Greg “All Time Losing-est Coach at Rutgers” Schiano, the Kid who gave the camera the finger at the UNC game, the “F— You Navy” Crowd. They have all garnered some wonderful negative press….and RU1000 didn’t have to do a thing.

  5. hinson32 says:

    How can I write in a vote? I wanted to pick RU1000.

  6. StubberHubber says:

    Answer: The Mob

  7. ferdek says:

    Some how RU is not making its case to the Legislature and the Governors. Why else would state aid be dropping so significantly? Is it just McCormick or can we blame the BOGs also? If RU1000 wants to be a positive force for change then this poll is a start of getting RU back to the top echelon public universities. Are you folks up to the challenge? Yes keep the heat on out of control athletic spending but also help TRU reconnect to the Legislature without relying on crony politics.

  8. HomecomingHero says:

    Overagressive alumni in one sport have demanded and got their way for far too long now. Financial oversight is just one area that has to be addressed.Moreover a President and Athletic Director who can ride herd over them and any coqach who is overbearing and demanding. If they don’t like it here,then move on at your own expense and throw fits elsewhere. If the two bodies dlegated to oversee these administrative leaders were doing their defined jobs,this entire ludicrous situation could have been avoided. Get people who want and can do the jobs specified,eliminate golden parachuted,bloated,long term contracts for coaches and administrators.They become unaccountable fatcats and laugh at everyone all the way to the bank. The Board of Governors and Board of Trustees have become mere rubber stamps for politicians,high end donors and AD.Penn State ran into this problem over a decade ago,as did Texas,SMU,Miami and other schools.They were forced to clean house and restructure top to bottom.
    If you don’t like oversight,then go 100% private and spend away. Bet you that governing body would be on top of any shenanigans,if their money was directly involved. It may be time to make that choice also.

  9. ferdek says:

    2-5…hit the post and bounced away or else it would be UCon 13 RU 12. another week of euphoria! pour some concrete!

  10. Concerned says:

    Give it up hinson, RU doesn’t belong in Division 1 and can enjoy just as much success in Division 3. What is so wrong with RU playing against the other state schools in New Jersey? You would still have football so what’s the problem?

  11. CommonSense says:

    Go back to scheduling the realistic teams and get costs back to where academics is again paramount.Put students first. Reinstate the six academically sound sports,eliminate the dual atheltic directorship now needed and take back our University.If McCormick needs to go,so be it.If anyone else needs the boot,do it and no more dilly-dallying.We’ve had enough.
    No more smoke and mirrors.No more catch phrases.No more tuition hikes.No more investigations.Clean it all up once and for all.

  12. hinson32 says:

    I believe that Rutgers needs to strive to become more like UNC, UCLA, Michigan and Virgina than Lehigh, Colgate or Holy Cross.

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