A reader raises intriguing questions

“If it goes off and a polygraphist is called in at SL expense, perhaps long burning questions relative to RU should be also asked. There have been allegations of slush funds, trips, rings and preferred seating arrangements centered around the Senator and others using University dollars. Also questions about the elimination of the six sports and the Senator’s involvement in all of it. Shouldn’t the Boxer and Malone
investigative staffs be keeping an eye on how this new development plays out also? It could be the smoking gun to many things bantered about over the last several years at RU.”

This email is vis a vis the Star Ledger’s offer to run a lie detector on Three Ring Codey.


One Response to A reader raises intriguing questions

  1. RTC77 says:

    If someone doesn’t have anything to hide,they should take a polygraph exam to clear themselves.Can be used as a tool to rid any shadows of doubt.

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