Schiano on the Global Warming Hoax

The Rutgers coach must believe global warming is a hoax because, per this Star Ledger report, he has dialed up the temperature in the team’s practice bubble to a sweaty 84 or 85.  

Right now our offices are heated to 65 degrees, our home to 67, and we do this because it saves money and is also responsive to our planet’s ecological needs.

Greedy Greg Schiano — wasting the taxpayer’s nickel — obviously does not care about money and he doesn’t care about the planet either (doesn’t he still drive an Escalade, also paid for by Rutgers?).

Why is the bubble heated to 85?  Apparently to help Schiano’s Stumblers adjust to temperatures in Florida, where they play on Saturday.  Talk about an eco criminal!


3 Responses to Schiano on the Global Warming Hoax

  1. Alum says:

    Okay, I am all for the cause of RU1000, but you cannot fault Schiano for perhaps trying to simulate the condition down in the field. I am with you on your stance on the environment, but you cannot fault him for trying to do his job.

    Bring substance to the table, which you already have much(as detailed extensively in this blog) on your side. You look petty and ultimately detract from the cause when you post an entry such as this.

    Having said that I want to assure you that I am a fan of this blog.

  2. grad student says:

    I agree with Alum. Raising these kinds of issues just makes the big picture blurry.

    As a matter of fact, I also don’t agree talking about students for their painting faces, excessive drinking, entertainment culture instead of intellectual values etc. as if these are things that cannot be changed. It sometimes sounds very much elitist to create a university student norm and to label all others that do not fit in the definition as dumb or waste. University is there to show the youth about alternative views for the world and let them chose one, apart from its academic mission. This is not related to what SAT score the student got before entering the university either.

    I believe if you mean to say “dumb” to students, you cannot expect their support for your cause (and actually theirs too). At the end, they have nothing to do with the administration’s decisions, except not being politically aware of the outcome of the decisions. Rutgers1000’s must also convince the students that say “fag” to them, otherwise the administration’s business mind will have their customers as well and the story will continue.

  3. Andrew says:

    Wow. You people really are idiots!

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