Meet the Public Deficit

NJ’s budget shortfall is now estimated at $1.2 billion and climbing, per today’s bad economic news.  That’s triple the estimate of just a few months ago.  Mid-year funding cuts apparently will be needed…Dick McCormick are you listening?  The Rutgers budget will be cut and that means every penny of the millions wasted on football comes directly out of the academic budget.  Supporting football is a vote for worsening academic mediocrity (and a mediocre football team, too).  It’s that simple…and horrific.  Just say no to more waste on Mulcahy’s “middling time” sports gulag.


5 Responses to Meet the Public Deficit

  1. Under the RUg says:

    It is now mid November.What have the Boxer,Malone and InHouse investigations revealed? It’s time for some credible answers to the Three Card Monte Game that has gone on far too long.

  2. ferdek says:

    5-5 with two games left. those reports won’t come out until RU is considered for a bowl game. Anyone agree?

  3. mm says:

    They are a lock for some BS bowl game. Whatever report that comes out will whitewash everything and exonerate everyone, especially Bobby Teflon Mulcahy, while paying lipservice to greater transparency…blah, blah, blah. That school is a total lost cause and I kick myself daily for going to that dump.
    And, will someone please tell me why Schiano needs a State Police escort on the field? Who is he, Bear Bryant?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Obviously to protect him from the thugs of Rutgers1000.

  5. Grumpy Alum says:

    It’s hard to shame a man like Richard McCormick, whose entire administrative career is a testimony to his having no shame.

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