McCormick, Mulcahy “Harshly” Criticized

That’s per the NYTimes story on the release of the report into Rutgers athletics, from Schiano’s salary increases to the stadium expansion.  Reports the Times: “There is ‘no question that the president’s failure to exercise fully his ultimate authority on these matters, to seek the counsel of the board in certain instances, and to test the basis of [athletic department] decisions exacerbated this situation,’ read the report, which also sharply criticized the athletic director, Robert E. Mulcahy III.”

The Star Ledger picks up the story here.  

Gannett is here

AP runs with it here.

What is clear is that McCormick turned a blind eye as the bumbling, Ahabesque Mulcahy plunged into ever more delusional and incompetent action — and left to pay the price are students who see their university crumbling for lack of funding.

Clean house by, first, firing Mulcahy and then dumping McCormick.  There’s a start on reviving Rutgers.


7 Responses to McCormick, Mulcahy “Harshly” Criticized

  1. John Lister says:

    And the Daily Targum.

    I keep repeating in all the fora: “McCormick didn’t” promise greater transparency, specifically making the DIA accounts public. Why?

  2. RUSupporter says:

    So to summarize this report: Mulcahy didn’t actually do anything wrong, but we’re going to slam the university for not keeping a close enough eye on him.

  3. ferdek says:

    This is a real opportunity for positive change. Revised priorities and accountability are first in line to be adopted. But there was no mention of regime change. McCormick immediately grabbed the headlines and put himself in charge of the reforms. What arrogance! Clearly the Governor should be stepping in here given the report and the declining confidence in the President and the BOG.

  4. mm says:

    Given all the negative responses to the report (eg., everybody does it) I’m about to toss in the towel. The forces of darkness have prevailed.

  5. ferdek says:

    most impportantly who should get the boot? Replace the BOG? Defer the Stadium unti financial crisis is over? What if Joe Pa resigns tomorrow after last PSU home game does Schiano Go to PSU? It ain’t over until til its over!

  6. RC'90 says:

    The NYTimes today reports that several top college presidents will give back some of their outlandish salaries (even though most are, by most accounts, doing a good job). Will McCormick join them (despite NOT doing a good job)?

  7. John Lister says:

    To RC90:

    To be fair, McCormick returned a $100K bonus he received.

    To ferdek:

    Unfortunately Joe Paterno has hung on too long for Schiano. The folks at Penn State can see that Schiano isn’t the superstar he was made out to be. I don’t think that our friend Greg will be offered the job unfortunately.

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