“The Rutgers Mess”

That is how the NYTimes titles its editorial on the current ugliness at Rutgers.  The Times explicitly says: “while Mr. McCormick did not create the mess, he did nothing to clean it up. If he knew what was going on with the football program, he was negligent by not stepping in; if he didn’t know, he should have. This leaves him a choice: put the brakes on the stadium project and immediately clean house at the athletics department or resign and make way for someone who will.”


The Bergen Record chimes in with, Failing Oversight 101. 

Quoth the Record: “AN internal report has finally said what critics have been saying all along: Rutgers University has failed to take charge of the decisions and spending of its athletics department, especially when it comes to football.

The review, released last week, used words such as “inadequate,” “insufficient” and “uninformed” to describe the glaring lack of oversight. Leadership by Rutgers President Richard McCormick was described as “limited.” Athletic Director Robert Mulcahy was described as acting with “vigor” but in an “increasingly insulated and ultimately counterproductive manner.”

Gannett meantimes writes: Rutgers sports fiscal overhaul just a first step. Gannett says: “Rutgers University Athletics Director Robert E. Mulcahy III was given virtually free rein to negotiate and execute sports-program contracts, leading to a breakdown of internal financial controls, a self-conducted review by the school has concluded. Critics of the Rutgers administration are incensed by the findings. With good reason.”

We have questions and the biggest is, why are we still discussing the obvious?

McCormick needs to be fired and he needs to take Mulcahy with him.

McCormick arrived on the Banks on a lie — he was in fact fleeing termination by the Univ of Washington — and his tenure since has been stupid and futile.  Mulcahy, of course, was himself on the bounce from a failed post.  A fine pair they have made, as they have plunged Rutgers into fiscal absurdity and the ruination of an academic institution.

Fire them both. Now.

Alumni have no choice but to withhold all donations, pending their removal from the university.  That is how bad matters have become.  

Even Trenton must notice the stink coming off the Raritan.


One Response to “The Rutgers Mess”

  1. mm says:

    McCormick would have to be dragged out kicking and screaming. He’s screwed up two schools. What place would ever hire him again? Plus the Neanderthals on the BOG love the guy.
    My personal fave to face humiliation is Little Bobby Mulcahy. This putz has never had a job in the private sector and has always had some hack providing him with a soft landing. I love when he talks about always going “first class.” Of course he would say that because we’re the ones paying for it. I’m sick of paying his obscene salaries and his membership at Baltusrol. His jock sniffing buddies in Trenton, sadly, will always look out for this pathetic sad sack.

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