An Open Letter to Gov. Jon Corzine

Governor Corzine:

As New Jersey struggles with a billion dollar budget deficit, we urge you to make some of your first and deepest budget-balancing cuts in the funding for Rutgers.  This represents a sharp reversal in our past positions but the evidence mounts that Rutgers under President McCormick simply wastes money and is not deserving of the public trust or the public’s dollars.

We also urge you to take steps to correct this and to put Rutgers back on a course to academic success:

* Appoint fiscally prudent people of substance to the Rutgers BoG, which currently is largely populated by lightweight dimwitted jocksniffers.

* Instruct President McCormick to fire Athletic Director Robert Mulcahy for cause, immediately.

* Instruct the Board of Governors to fire President McCormick for cause, immediately.

* Dismiss the BoG chairman, Rev. William Howard, Jr., immediately.  The man is an embarrassment.

For our part, as concerned Rutgers alumni, we will withhold all donations to the school until the above four steps occur.

We also urge all New Jersey high school seniors who have Rutgers on their short list of schools to make plans to attend university elsewhere.  Rutgers just is not very good and it is going to get worse before it gets better.  A decade of ruinous policies has left the school a wreck and it will take a new president and several years of hard work to reverse the McCormick-Mulcahy decay.

It pains us to write these hurtful things…but this is the sorry truth and Rutgers will not begin to get better until these truths are recognized.

/s/ The Rutgers 1000 Alumni

23 Responses to An Open Letter to Gov. Jon Corzine

  1. Curiousposter says:

    So once these “truths” get realized, will you also admit to the truth about being wrong about attendance figures?

    It really is sad reading this blog. You root for your alma mater to fail, just to prove a point that you, and only you, see the right way out of this. Everyone but your holiness is a jock sniffing ignorant idiot, and why can’t the whole world see everything like you do.

    How does it feel to never be wrong?

  2. Diogenes says:

    ATTENDANCE FIGURES? A great university is going down the drain as we watch — utterly mediocre and pusillanimous administration, Board of Governors dominated by philistines who literally have no idea what a real university looks like, top NJ students leaving the state in droves to avoid going to a school that’s rapidly sinking toward fourth-tier status, substandard applicants streaming in to paint their faces and get drunk in the stadium, policy dominated by sports bar “boosters” many of whom have no legitimate connection to the school, campus littered with trash and classrooms deteriorating by the minute, senior faculty taking early retirement to avoid having to teach in the new “community college Rutgers,” outside investigations turning up instances of sleaze and corruption that would make Tammany Hall blush, our best alumni so alienated that they want nothing more to do with the school, Rutgers associated in the public mind with academic sinkholes like the University of South Florida, Louisville, six teams in the Olympic sports cut to provide a few more dollars for Mulcahy’s million-dollar coaches,etc — and this person is talking about “attendance figures”?

    Let me dissent just a bit from our friend “Curiousposter.” Your RU1000 group isn’t “rooting for your alma mater to fail.” You’re the only voices left who are rooting for Rutgers to win — not just in sports (against, God willing, traditional opponents like Colgate and Lafayette and Lehigh rather than the unspeakable Louisvilles and South Floridas of this world), but at the level of academic distinction and genuine institutional pride.

    If the Augean stables are ever cleansed — if , mirabile dictu, Mulcahy’s pay-to-play buddies in the legislature don’t step in to save his skin one more time and he’s finally sent into the outer darkness where he belongs — and if Rutgers can erase the shame of the McCormick appointment and bring Richard Foley or a similarly distinguished candidate to campus as president — and if commercialized sports are dumped and top NJ students once again start applying to the university — and if the vast numbers of worthy alumni who are now alienated again begin to identify with a school they feel has abandoned them — then it will be RU1000 and a few similar voices who have kept the light alive who will deserve credit. Any one of your group is worth a thousand “Curiousposters,” and fifty thousand Rivals boosters, to anyone who cares in the least about the future of the university.

    Let them wail and gnash their teeth. Your group is the hope of the once and future Rutgers. Keep the flame alight.

  3. Huck Finne says:


    Not everyone who likes football is a jock sniffing ignorant idiot, only those that in spite of all the evidence against the utility of Rutgers pursuing a mediocre attempt at big-time football program, yet still think it to be a worthwhile endeavor are jock sniffing ignorant idiots.

    None of us know what it is like to never be wrong. You are confusing us being right on this issue with never being wrong on any issue.

    Some people who’ve been involved in Rutgers 1000 actually disagree on some things. I, myself, have disagreed with the venerable professor Dowling on many things. Us disagreeing on a few things does not mean that he is not correct overall with regards to the fruitless and embarrassing shenanigans of Mulcahy and McCormick.

    These truths, by virtue of them being true, are in fact independent of any individual.

  4. mm says:

    I have no idea what it feels like to “never be wrong.” I only know what it feels like to be right on this issue. It is sort of like what Lincoln once said of slavery…”if anything is wrong, this is.” The world knows that big time college athletics is fetid. You just don’t want to believe that your school will sink in the cesspool. It cannot be done cleanly and please don’t give the usual exceptions of, eg., ND, Stanford, Vanderbilt etc. If you really take a close look you will see that they really do not compete. Want to use public school examples? Places like Michigan channel their football and basketball players into certain courses. My brother played at Maryland and the same thing happened. By the way, when was the last time Cal or UVA competed for a National Championship?

  5. one more says:

    Why withhold donations to the academic departments? It only further hurts a financially strapped institution. Sure it “sends a message”, but how is that helping students who chose to go to RU to actually obtain an education? I’m assuming\hoping donations earmarked for these departments would actually be used where specified. Get rid of the administration mentioned in the article? Probably could not hurt, but some of the other suggestions to me seem like cutting of the nose to spite the face.

  6. mm says:

    I take back everything I have ever said about Little Bobby Mulcahy. The guy is an academic visionary. According to Wikipedia he created the “class checker system…which pays students with clipboards to eyeball into class scholarship athletes who might otherwise be reluctant to attend.” This extraordinary public servant deserves a place in the Pantheon of higher education.

  7. Under the RUg says:

    Did anyone ever find out where ALL the 50-50 money went this season,as there is NEVER a winner announced to the public present as prescribed by law? Another slush fund perhaps? How about the complete disrespect shown to our military academies by this regime and it’s followers over the past six seasons? God Bless Rutgers 1000,SOS,students,parents,legislators and the alumni who support their efforts. You have been the voice of reason for fiscal and academic sanity over the last decade. Keep pushing and as the late Jimmy Valvano said ” Never give up,never give up,never give up”.You have more support than you will ever know.

  8. HillbillyHorseshoes says:

    Amen Brother!

  9. MikeV says:

    Under the RUg:

    “Did anyone ever find out where ALL the 50-50 money went this season,as there is NEVER a winner announced to the public present as prescribed by law?”

    There is always a winner announced… they actually put the winning ticket number up on the scoreboard… it is your responsibility to pay attention when they call out the winner if you have purchased a ticket

    “How about the complete disrespect shown to our military academies by this regime and it’s followers over the past six seasons?”

    Talk about an exercise in hyperbole… how have we disgraced them over the last six seasons… there has been ONE incident where a small group of students booed the Navy football players… please provide other examples of your disrespect towards the service academies

  10. MikeV says:

    by the way i realize there was a typo… i meant to say please provide other examples of OUR disrespect… not YOUR disrespect

  11. mm says:

    I won’t go to RU football games because I refuse to support RU athletics. Actually, I should amend that, a few years ago I sent a check for 10 cents which I suggested they split however they saw fit between the football team and the men’s and women’s hoops teams. Incredibly. I became swamped with stuff with notes with notations that they were “looking forward to seeing [me] at the RAC.”
    Like I might ever go to that dump to watch a bunch of mercenaries pretending that they were real students.
    Anyway, my son, a student at a real college (I told him that he even considered my alma mater I would not give him a red cent} has gone as a guest to an RU game or two. His threshold for vulgarity is pretty high but even he got sick of every other chant beginning with F—! BTW, a retired Judge I know who was taken as a guest said the same thing. These were not at games involving any service academy but at just a couple of home games.
    Rutgers students and their fans are a bunch of vulgarians. What would you expect from a populace that considers Tony Soprano the state mascot?
    Finally, I’ve gone to heated (Texas-OU} rivalries about 20 times. Those games are models of decorum compared to that dump in New Brunswick.

  12. Diogenes says:

    MikeV — ONE incident? Do you, by any chance, sleep with your head in the sand?

    I found this on another board. Read it. All the way through:



    (reports from a local booster board)

    Booster #1:

    Last night I witnessed one of the most disgusting acts I’ve ever seen in my life. I’m standing in Section 111 Row 27 and I hear the girls across from us in 110 start screaming. Some guy pulled out his [deleted] and started pissing all over the rows in front of him as his friends stood and cheered him on.

    Now I don’t normally read into what my fellow students do at the games, but I’ve never seen anything so ugly. It is [deleted] like this that give RU fans a bad rap. We are known for cursing the Naval Academy, flipping off cameras, pissing on students, and starting fights. Last night was embarrassing from a fan standpoint, perhaps an all-time low.

    Booster #2:

    I’ll share my student story from last night. 4th quarter and probably about 8 or 9 minutes left in the game. A UNC student in my section (115) walked through every row to pick up the American flags dumped on the ground by RU students. I commended him on it and he stated that it was a disgrace that the flags were just thrown on the ground.

    About 5 minutes later this student and his five friends standing in the middle of an empty 115 had a drink thrown on them by a Rutgers student. The drink was in a cup and just got the arm of one of the guys wet. Two minutes later another drink (in an open bottle this time) was thrown on them and hit one of the girls in the group. Someone in the UNC group confronted the drink thrower. Security rushed down and grabbed two of the UNC guys and escorted them out of the stadium. Other RU students saw this and started yelling “asshole” at these guys.

    Booster # 3:

    When you combine this story with the pissing one, I personally am completely ashamed to have attended this university and being associated with it in any way. This is mind-boggling, embarrassing, pathetic and just disgusting. Rutgers is hitting new lows across the board this season.

    Booster #4:

    My wife and I watched a drunk student in the lower rows of Sect. 123 throw up on the row in front of him. Everyone scattered and then covered up the vomit with give-away white towels. The student left a little bit later.

    Booster #5:

    Last night was pretty bad all around. I remember someone throwing a hot dog from above us. My friend and I had ketchup on us, other students throwing gatorades and drinks, towels, etc all around the student section. It’s like this almost every game.

    Booster #6:

    I doubt that most people on this board won’t admit it, but we have a lot of incredibly lowlife students at Rutgers.

    Walking to and from games, and around the stadium, I’ve seen countless examples of trashy behavior.

    Maybe it’s time to start interviewing prospective students, so as to possibly screen out some of these [deleted].

    Booster #7:

    I’ve said it many times on this board. I’d much rather have the fans who sat with me in the student section back in 2001 than the ones today. It’s almost as if these latest ones exclusively picked Rutgers for the football alone.

    Booster # 8:

    I agree. The decline of the student section began during the 2006 season, when I was a senior. That’s when we started to hear the first F-CK YOU [insert school here] chants, and we began to realize that most of them don’t come to watch a football game. Guess that’s the kind of student you start getting after you’ve been nationally ranked for a couple of weeks.

    From a UNC alumnus:

    I’m a guest here and will act accordingly. However, I will say that having visited venues all over the country to watch the Heels play football, basketball, and baseball, I’ve never encountered students as bad as those I saw on Thursday night.

    I’m sorry to be so blunt on your board as it isn’t my nature, but it was really a poor reflection on your university. As for the notion that it happens everywhere there is a big student following, that simply is not the case. UNC is far from being competitive in football, but we routinely fill 17,000 student seats in Kenan and don’t have those sorts of issues. Even Clemson with their 80,000 seat stadium, and 20,000 of those being students who are as rabid as you’re likely to ever see, doesn’t have a hint of student behavior like yours.

    I’ve seen games at Penn State, Notre Dame, Syracuse, Florida State, Georgia Tech, Arizona State, NC State, Duke, Maryland, Virginia, Stanford, South Carolina, Virginia Tech, Michigan, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Texas, TCU and various others. There are some pretty big time fanbases in there. All combined, they didn’t have the same level of human indecency that I saw on Thursday night from Rutgers students.

  13. HillbillyHorseshoes says:

    I remember down at Navy when Schiano outright refused to take his team off the field for Navy’s homecoming pregame ceremonies and even found the Rutgers faithful booing him.Also,how about his complete disrespect to both service academies by not allowing either the Midshipmen or Cadets to march in during his tenure.The only Rutgers coach ever to do so. He cited giving them a homefield advantage.Tehn he changes his story to he didn’t realise it.Then came up with a third yarn to cover the first two. What a crock of shugar from a person that has demonstrated what he and this program have become.No wonder Navy dropped two of their games in ’09and ’10 over these slights.RU has become,disrepectful,Money grubbin second rate phonies,who do not want to line up against legitimate opponents,drain the treasury,while putting more criminals on the roster during this regime.All the while having no accountability for anything from loses,budget,arrests and players actions.

  14. RollTide says:

    How about at Tulane away?Didn’t the SEC officials launch a complaint about his onfield actions.More than once Big East officiating crews have warned him and Rutgers in the past. Hasn’t the University President had to write three letters of apology to date to other institutions for fan actions over the last several seasons? Who’s overseeing the administrators at Rutgers on these matters?It sure in the hell hasn’t been the AD, BOG or it’s President.

  15. MikeV says:


    I was aware of the thread you shared with us… although I wonder why you happened to have it saved because it was from the middle of September…

    Yes the behavior at that game was not acceptable. But you obviously did not even bother to finish reading my post. I asked to provide other exampled of the students disrespecting the service academies specifically. Your boy Under the RUg implied we had done something year in and year out to them


    Is it your intention to come off as a vindictive vengeful prick? Because if that is the case just keep doing exactly what you are doing. I bet you are a wonderful father.

  16. mm says:

    Mike V:
    Sounds like you share the same vocabulary as your fellow fans.

  17. mm says:

    PS MikeV
    It wasn’t too hard to keep my son away from Rutgers. His secondary school carries way more cache. Even if a kid finishes last in his class there he would have better options than RU. And, if you really want to turn a kid off RU take them on a drive through what they call a campus. If they were to spend a fortune maybe Rutgers can be as attractive as Temple.

  18. bronxboy says:

    MikeV: You’re in denial, delusional or both if you seriously believe the UNC game was an aberration. The conduct of RU fans has been deteriorating generally every year. In an August article ESPN the Magazine rated RU supporters among the “nastiest” in the nation. The paranoia of the Coach about marching cadets or midshipmen doesn’t help.

    It’s precisely the type of behavior generated when a university allows and encourages the culture of its campus to be shaped by athletics rather than academics. The school is quickly overrun by “students” who equate college with attending games and partying while the more thoughtful teens flee to institutions that place a priority on education. MM understands this dynamic and as a concerned father has properly directed his son to a school that values learning over football as RU once did many years ago.

  19. mm says:

    One last comment. You really are senile or a buffoon. How can you gauge fan behavior based upon games solely against service academies. Rutgers played Army this year for the first time in I don’t know how long and the last time they played Air Force you might have been in diapers. The issue involves Navy games and Rutgers behaved like cretins here and in Annapolis. You sound like a season ticket holder type. Do ordinary crowds at Rutgers sound like members of the House of Lords debating?

  20. RUFB says:

    It’s absolutely ridiculous reading what you guys are writing. Your supposed over-encompassing theme is “Friends of Rutgers Academics” and then you trash everything about Rutgers. Talking about steering kids away from Rutgers, saying how its not a place that takes schooling seriously…

    Why don’t you guys just out right say it. You are not for Rutgers in any capacity. Maybe you were at one point, but now you are just so upset about being consistently wrong about predicting the downfall of RU Football that you need to tear down the institution. At least Prof. Dowling is willing to keep fighting for change; you are a bunch of defeatist elitist SOBs that weren’t good enough to get in to Princeton.

    Give it up. This blog is a joke and so are your principles. Go whine about some kid walking on your lawn. All I see here are a bunch of grumpy old men who all agree with one another.

  21. mm says:

    You’ve got me. Honest. I hate the place and wish it closed. I wake up everyday wishing that school was not a part of my past. Really. I loathe the place. There, I’ve admitted it. This is where I break from my brethren at Rutgers 1000. To me it’s a Superfund site that has to be eradicated. Rutgers 1000 thinks it can be cleansed and preserved.

  22. Pep says:

    Just because some jock beat you up in 8th grade don’t hold it against the fine student athletes that represent Rutgers University today. Relax, have a beer, and enjoy the game. Go RU.

  23. mm says:

    Actually Pep, I was the co-captain of my HS team, made 2 All County teams and one All State Team and played in college. You are a an ignorant asshole. Did you even manage to finish 8th grade?

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