Trenton Piles On

Legislative leaders — disgusted by the waste, the incompetence, the stupidity of the McCormick regime — now are calling for appointment of a chief operating officer to oversee budgets at Rutgers.  

Isn’t it appalling to be singled out as an exemplar of waste…by Trenton politicians?  Isn’t it more appalling that they are right?  Rutgers is riddled with unnecessary expenses, featherbedding, and bloated salaries.

Congratulations, Dick McCormick, Rutgers even is on TV as a poster child for a foolish pursuit of bigtime football at the expense of academics.

Dick and Big Bobby Mulcahy told us they would put Rutgers in headlines — and indeed they have!


4 Responses to Trenton Piles On

  1. one more says:

    Just what we need – another level of mangement. The article states: “This position should not require additional expenditures. Rather, existing resources should be realigned to meet this need.” From which poorly funded area will the money for this postion come? Maybe it should come out of McCormick’s & Mulcahy’s salaries. The blame starts with them. Can’t Trenton do anything right?

  2. John Lister says:

    Rutgers already has an Office of Administration and Finance, headed by Bruce Fehn. Perhaps its compass should be extended to include Athletics, and Richard Costello should report there, keeping Athletics honest.

  3. Huck Finne says:

    How about we fire them all and rebuild Rutgers from the ground up? Something akin to bankruptcy where a judge decides how to fix our beloved alma mater.

  4. HillbillyHorseshoes says:

    Ride on Huck. Letter being drafted to both Matt Boxer and Rep Malone as to where the home game 50-50 funds have vanished.You’re right ,no winner is ever announced and $10’s of thousands could be slushing away with no accountability here too.Another example of M&M Monetary Misdirection at it’s best.Nothing like rubbing it all in the donating fans faces at the same time. Rah Rah and bring on the Attorney General.

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