Mulcahy Is Out, Two to Go

The Ledger has the news that Bob Mulcahy’s era of excess is officially over.  (We predicted this termination as far back as July.)  No doubt about it, Mulcahy was fired.  What shoes falls next?

We assume the BoG will announce Friday that the stadium expansion will be delayed.

We assume Schiano, finally, will pack his bags and move out of state.

Call it three for three by December 31.

Meantime, our congratulations to Schiano & Co for the invite to play at the Pizza Bowl in Birmingham, AL, a town that would make one nostalgic for the richness of Camden, NJ.  Of course this bowl does have the lowest pay out of any bowl — the Ledger’s Tom Luicci calls it the “worst bowl” there is.  Is there any truth to the rumor that Rutgers fans who attend will receive, gratis, little scarlet brushes as keepsakes of this experience?


31 Responses to Mulcahy Is Out, Two to Go

  1. ferdek says:

    the die is cast…and then there were two…how will it end? stay tuned. McCormick will last until next semester…then he will “pursue other opportunities and spend more time with his family.”…Schiano has a contract…stay tuned…fill the hole at the end of the stadium…UMDNJ all over again…State/Federal Investigation…could happen.

  2. Huck Finne says:

    Any ideas on what New Jersey hack needs a job to put some kids through a private university while continuing to drain Rutgers of resources for anything worthwhile?

  3. Grumpy Alum says:

    I don’t often get emotional, but I had to wash the surge of strange emotions (hope, joy, relief!) down with champagne. I’m overjoyed.

    Mulcahy you bastard, you took my university and tried to ruin it, to wreck it. I’m drinking to the end of your corrupt little game.

    Two to go indeed.

  4. mm says:

    There is a God!!!!!!! And, if this God is all powerful and merciful McPrickmick, Schiano & Stringer can’t be far behind!!!! Do we still have to pay for Little Bobby to play golf @ Baltusrol?????

  5. mm says:

    Hey Little Dick McC.
    You may get out of this unscathed but consider it a bullet dodged. You are a dreadful little cretin that the U. of W. dumped on us in NJ. I doubt any place would hire you but, if so, please leave.

  6. mm says:

    Hey Grumpy Alum,
    Where is the champagne party?????? I’ll crawl on my hands and knees to get there.

  7. RU Alum says:

    Oooh…sounds like a nerd party to me. Finally getting revenge of the jocks that pushed you around in the hallway in school.

  8. RUJohnny99 says:

    I have to admit it – Rutgers foodball is dead.

  9. Grumpy Alum says:

    I had a very interesting conversation with a well-connected classmate today. He said that this is a co-ordinated pushback against Mulcahy running amok and trying to have the BoG essentially sideline McCormick while he runs the AD like an independent state. They are expecting Schiano to leave; however, if he stays he will be ring-fenced and made to understand that this is no longer some land of milk and honey where all his demands get met while academics suffers. The expansion will be put on hold pending private funding on friday. It has already cost far more than they will reveal, and the Star Ledger is digging to find out the extent of the damage (i was just told “huge overruns”). It really sounds like this is a seachange. I’m a touch too bruised from past disappointments to get too elated yet, but these are all positive and necessary steps. Perhaps McCormick Senior visted his son in a dream and asked what the hell was going on…

  10. RU Foorball fan and alum says:

    RU10 (since you probably only have about 10 members) –

    You guys are too much. Yes Mulcahy made some mistakes and was asked to leave but sports is an important part of this university. The new AD will still keep football and basketball at the big time levels.

    I heard a former football player may be interviewed for the post. Don’t think this person will take the emphasis away from big time sports.

    As Rutgers students you should support your university and it’s teams.

    You are welcome to transfer to TCNJ, Rowan, Montclair, NJIT, or another state school where sports are less emphasized.

  11. SHUrulesRU says:

    As the house of cards tumble and agencies like the new District Attorney Office,NCAA and even DEP weigh in on Rutgers practices of the last nine years or so,watch the rats scurry from a sinking RUtanic. The best will be the cover Chris Christie gave free ride-3Ring Codey to overpower the legislature and get the Coach a house on protected property,slush funds from the state and then jobs for all the Pirate Faithful at State U.Let’s guess Christie and Codey’s alma mater? From RU assistant AD’s to PR heads to coaches to administrators to even an announcer,SHU calls the shots now.Your next AD may very well be your ex assistant AD.Guess where he’ll come from? And you thought Brennan was bad. Rutgers is and will always be the Seton Hall money trough for their alums and there isn’t a damn thing Rev.Spend Silly Willy or Shortie Russo can do to stop it. Too bad they didn’t have football or you know where your next coach would be coming from.

  12. SmartJock says:

    Any reason why it appears all the comments are from the same IP address? Is this really the RU1?

  13. Rutgersmo says:

    When you say two to go I assume you’re talking about yourself / Prof. Dowling. Unless you are Prof. Dowling, in which case that would only leave 1 to go!


  14. COACHK says:

    Just think, If all 3 happens, RU will be huge trouble. Tuition will increase by 20% in 2 years, plus people will not support Rutgers. Classes will have more students and a lot less classes. Classes will go down by 25%. To offset the loses RU will lose the Wrestling team, and Soccer teams. RU will lose so much money that they might as well cancel the college and name Jersey city college the STATE SCHOOL

  15. Cody says:

    Hey dingbats. Name ONE thing Bob Mulcahy did wrong. Give me one REAL, CONCRETE reason he should have been fired. McCormick is simply using Bob as his scapegoat to cover his own ass. Big time sports at RU will continue moving forward (much to your dismay). Bob was going tor retire at the end of the year anyway, so its not like the athletic dept was not already preparing for this.

    One question for you losers: Why do you take such joy is trying to ruin something that so many people at this school take such pride in? We pack 44,000 people into our beautiful stadium every game day (mostly students and alumni). Big time sports at RU are here for good, whether you like it or not. I’m not saying you guys have to get on board, but your little 10 person organization has no chance of succeeding against the tens of thousands of Rutgers football fans.

    The Rutgers 56000

  16. BowlBound-Not says:

    So will overseers be travelling with the Rutgers entourage and friends to Birmigham? Pretell,who will foot the costs and how close will alll of it be monitored this time? Afterall ,”we are new at this”,right?

  17. Rutgersmo says:


    Did you fail to get into Mensa? Maybe we can start a chapter for you and your colleague(s?) called Mensa lite. Less filling ….Less bright.

    May you and those who think like you suffer the plight of the Hittites (civil war & the destruction of their empire as well as neer historical extinction).


  18. profblood says:

    Hey Bob go get fitted for your jumpsuit and handcuffs. Much more to come. They couldn’t get rid of this idiot fast enough. What a complete buffoon and one of the most disingenuous people on the face of the earth. Go away and never come back.
    Find a real AD who has some class and professionalism and respects the taxpayers of NJ. Stay in the Big East and committed to winning but not in the Mulcahy/schiano way.

  19. McLovin says:

    I wanna beat up some RU10 members at the next FB game. Show ur face !!

  20. TSopranoRU says:

    I am focused on our bowl game against NC State. If you think you won any sort of “victory”, you are sadly mistaken. Rutgers football is stronger than ever.

  21. Cody says:


    That might be the dumbest post in the history of the internet (and thats saying A LOT). As I stated in my previous post; please name ONE thing Bob did wrong. Please name ONE law he break. Please name ONE concrete reason for his firing. But of course this is pointless cause you wont be able to.

    You people really are sad sad individuals. You are truly the scum of the earth. What you dont realize is the infighting within in the university that YOU are causing is the real thing holding back our great university. Yea, I said GREAT. Take your elitist, smug, self-righteous, pathetic egos and run off to some other school where you can shelter yourselves from athletes and sports in general.

    The Rutgers 56000

  22. Grumpy Alum says:

    Schiano’s gone too, or has at least said to two BoG members that if bob goes, he goes. Bob’s not coming back. This is moving fast.

  23. ferdek says:

    grumpy alum: GS has a golden deal at RU. He will not command $2.5 mill+perks coming from RU, he will stay and finish his contract unless PSU says Come on down and he is gone! No reason for him to jump overboard…

  24. RK says:

    I hope somebody beats the shit out of you fags, Way to protest your own school’s growing exposure and recognition, you stupid cocksuckers

  25. RTC says:

    How, exactly, do the editors of this blog account for the fact that Mulcahy and Schiano are responsible for the fact that Rutgers enjoys one of the highest Academic Progress Rates in Division 1? Never have an administrator and a coach worked harder to place more emphasis on athletes’ character than these two men – and the editors of this blog want them gone?

    If I thought for one minute that Rutgers would be transformed into Walden Pond the moment you kicked the football team off campus, I’d hold the door open while you tossed them out, but Rutgers is the State University of New Jersey – not Princeton. Rutgers is endowed only slightly better than a community college, and football is – not surprisingly – the single biggest catalyst of alumni engagement with the university. This can only mean more doom for Rutgers alumni giving.

  26. SonOfRutgers says:


    Congratulations! You have just gotten rid of one of the best individuals at Rutger University. And what you don’t seem to realize is that he will be replaced with someone who has an even BIGGER vision for Rutgers Athletics. You lose again!

    For all the good things Bob has done, he is 72 years old and probably wouldn’t have been able to get anything else done. Although he was absolved of all wrongdoing, too many miscreants misconstruing the truth forced his premature exit.

    In the end, the stadium expansion will be finished, albeit not as extensive. However, 56,000 fans will be screaming from their seats coming opening day 09. When the new AD starts construction to complete upper deck, the true fans of Rutgers will have the last laugh!!

  27. mm says:

    Your eloquence is utterly breathtaking. You must be one of erudite fans I’ve heard about that frequent RU football games. Are you able to come up with such thoughts sober or only after you’ve consumed lots of suds and puke on those around you in your section at the stadium?

    Your menacing and threatening comments do more to forward RU1000 than a semester of Bill Dowling’s classes. You are too contemptible to warrant any further mention. Your family must be so proud to have raised such a boorish slob.

  28. johnnie walker says:

    Dear RU10;

    BM and Schiano have brought more pride, national attention, donations and alum involvement to Rutgers than you clowns could ever dream up. You are a bunch of bitter jackasses that don’t realize we live in a world where sports serves a bigger purpose and that unites all kinds of people. In the case of Rutgers football, it has brought me closer to the school, served as a way to introduce my 2 young children to Rutgers, and had me making donations to the school for the first time after graduation. On a much bigger scale, the football program has brought great pride to the state of New Jersey. I am not alone and would bet that their are 100x more people like me than you fools that live in a cave. And let me take a wild guess, you guys probably hate Bruce Springsteen because of his affiliation and identification with New Jersey. You should all be ashamed for taking pleasure in the firing of a man that has given much to Rutgers and New Jersey. I would ask you to move out of state but understand many of you rats live in Pennsylvania.

  29. Huck Finne says:


    No matter how good Academic Progress Rates are, we don’t care. Academic Progress Rates measure to what degree approximately 100 ‘students’ are actually doing their job as students. Throw Academic Progress Rates down the drain! Their very existence indicates the fact the football players lack legitimacy. Actual students, some of whom happen to participate in sports, require no such metric to prove their place in the university. One can account for Messrs. Mulcahy and Schiano’s mere interest in Academic Progress Rates on Rutgers being the only university with a major opposition group fighting the debasement of campus culture through modern day gladiatorial contests. Do you honestly think whether or not Patrick Kivlehan can now succinctly express his ideas on paper because an inspiring expos teacher taught him how to enjoy writing matters to the AD or coach?

    If football spurs such phenomenal alumni giving, why is the expansion about to be put on hold for lack of funds? Not only does nationwide empirical evidence debunk this hypothesis (see Unpaid Professionals: Commercialism and Conflict in Big-Time College Sports by Andrew Zimbalist), but Rutgers still has no money. Show me the money!

  30. Boris P. says:

    Will those people who are orgasmic over Mulcahy being fired be truly happy once the football program is downsized or even eliminated? Is the fantasy that the destruction of this program will somehow result in an improvement in the university’s academic profile?

    Well…what is likely to happen if football is eliminated is …NOTHING. Rutgers will not magically elevate its academic status. One the contrary, it will remain underfunded and undervalued by Trenton and continue on its path toward supreme mediocrity.

    Rutgers will become a mediocre school with no football versus a mediocre school with football. Rutgers will become the new University of Massachusetts.

    Great work, guys.

  31. Dan says:

    Why is there all the talk about big time sports. Going 7-5 is not big time football. Losing to non bcs schools such as Fresno State and Navy is not big time sports.

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