$800k for Rutgers AD in ’09

Do the math.  The Ledger calculates that Rutgers may be on the hook for $800k (a lot of the dough is contractually owed to Mulcahy — assuming RU does not seek to legally void the remaining contract on grounds of non-performance).  Figure Mulcahy, the new AD, Costello (brought in to mind the books) — the payroll just keeps growing.

So the Athletic Dept. waste rolls on.

As Rutgers’ academic deterioration speeds up.

Long live the Mulcahy Legacy!

Speaking of the legacy, Mulcahy’s final posting on ScarletKnights.com is just too perfect: “I was asked to resign. I have not offered my resignation.”



2 Responses to $800k for Rutgers AD in ’09

  1. Curiousposter says:

    So wait, where’s grumpy alum? The guy who claimed the stadium expansion would be “put on hold”? The SL is reporting that it’s going to get passed tomorrow.

    Guess your sources are…pretty bad huh?

  2. James Cahill says:

    The Rutgers 10 fantasy continues. I hope the new AD spends even more on football.

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