This blog is the collective effort of many Rutgers alumni who are frustrated with what the university’s push into big-time athletics is doing to the life of scholarship on the banks of the Raritan River. As classes are canceled and professors are fired for lack of money, this jock-sniffing administration merrily goes forward with yet more expensive plans to upgrade athletics (whilst academics continue a slide into mediocrity). Ed Bloustein, the president of Rutgers for nearly 20 years until his death in 1989, used to talk about making Rutgers “the Berkeley of the East.” Now, under President Dick McCormick, the push seems to be to turn Rutgers into the Louisville of the North. Lucky us.

What should Rutgers be doing instead:

O Launch a search for a new president. The McCormick Presidency is a failure. Let’s terminate it before more damage is done to Rutgers.

O Clean house at the Board of Governors. This collection of flunkies, fools and political hangers-on cobbled together the stadium financing plan.

O Put Rutgers in 1AA football, playing teams like UMass, Univ of Rhode Island, and Stony Brook. These are natural rivals, not schools such as Louisville and the Univ of South Florida. Do likewise in men’s basketball.

O Commit to a pledge that, by 2015, Rutgers will have 15 academic programs nationally ranked in the top 15…20 by 2020, and 25 by 2025. Put academics first and mean it.

O Restore the terminated Olympic sports. The budgets are small, the payoff for the university is high.

O Restore funding for the state’s Outstanding Scholars program, which keeps New Jersey’s brightest high schoolers home.

o Introduce transparency to the university budgeting and executive decisionmaking. Let stakeholders really see what is happening with no hiding behind a meretricious claim of academic freedom. Let the sun shine brightly.

o Fire the no-shows and do-nothings, remove Rutgers from Trenton’s culture of corruption.

Stop the Stadium Expansion and Return to Making Rutgers an Outstanding University Again.

9 Responses to About

  1. Justin says:

    The dedication of the university’s money to football is a complete disgrace. I was in a class in Hardenbergh Hall, and during the break between, I noted that the place’s lower level is in a pretty sorry state. The floors are dirty, and it’s almost impossible to tell where the bathrooms are, and which gender they’re for. The gray signs with those pictures of the man and woman on them are almost completely faded out, and it takes close scrutiny to see them; yes, literally close scrutiny. My teacher actually walked right by the women’s room, and had to ask a student where it was.

    Thanks, McCormick. You really know how to manage a budget. Granted, I’m no genius when it comes to this kind of thing, but any child should know to spend money on what you need before you spend it on what you want.

  2. JerseyG says:

    How much revenue was generated by the RU football program in the past 2-3 years?

    How much of the budget is being taken away from univeristy funds that were earmarked for bathroom signs and the cleaning of dirty floors?
    The football team was eating lobster waaaaay before they ever had a winning seaon. Get over it. The glee club and the debate team ain’t gonna generate alumni donations like a winning football team is. I agree with you on some levels. School is about academia…not football. But then it wouldn’t be about dance, theater and art either.

    Do I think tatted up football players who can barely speak properly let alone pass their classes get free passes as far as tuition goes? No.

    Where’s Ray Rice gonna be when he gets hurt a few years from now and can’t play anymore? Wishing he stuck around to get his degree? I would think YES.

    RU isn’t a private school. RPS is.

    Berkley in NJ? Please…go to NYU, Princeton, or Columbia – they’re liberal as much as the east coast can stand before dropping off in to the atlantic…on purpose.

  3. Mike says:

    You are all losers. I graduated Magna Cum Laude from Rutgers College, have a great paying job, and donate my money to RU athletics. If I could take away more programs from pencil necked losers like you I would.

  4. RULAX1574 says:

    1000 really? I bet there’s only a handful of you close minded fools. I played athletics, graduated, and own 2 companies. The Althetic department does a great job. Why don’t you all just leave RU if you are that unhappy. Don’t let the door hit you in the @ss.

    PS- I got laid a lot because of sports. Maybe that’s just what you losers need to loosen up.

  5. RobbyD says:

    I graduated from rutgers this past may and work for a big engineering firm. My freshman and softmore year I told people that I was attending Rutgers and they just nodded their heads. Now when I tell someone I’m an RU alum they make a big deal about it. And usually enter into a conversation about the recent success of the football team. Fact of the matter is, whether it’s right or not, people recognize and respect univeristies with good athletics. PERIOD! Do people recognize schools with poor athletics, yes, and they are called IVY LEAGUE schools, which rutgers is NOT! So people can hem and haw all they want about the stadium expansion etc, but the fact of the matter is, your degree is worth more (This is especially important if you majored in a liberal art) when you graduate simply because the football team has vastly improved since a couple of years ago. Putting money towards football and a stadium expansion is an investment in the future of ALL RU students. Anyone who fails to see that is shortsighted. Also, if RU’s academics are going down the crappy, as some people, think, then why is enrollement up more then it’s been in 25 years?

  6. It's Time says:

    Fo a complete review of the entire era over the last decade of athletic leadership. Academic problems,criminalities accepted as part of the program,backdoor admissions,runaway spending at student/parent expense and the hiring practices. Bringing in ones high school coach to sere donuts to recruits and ultimately walk away with over a quarter million in salary is just plain absurd. Early questions about some recruiting practices,particularly involving a Prep School should be opened up also. The costs,the coverups and the arrogant atitiude bestowed by the adminsitration during this timeframe has always lead those supporters and detractors alike to wonder if they actually thought they were “untouchable”. As the layers of lies,deceit and progammed excuses are peeled away almost on a monthly basis now, those watching from all angles have to ask “are they”?Is anyone ever held accountable for red ink from bowls,arrests,overspending,unwarranted,astronomical contract extentions and the teflon persona exhibited behind all of them?
    As it was all originally touted by this regime on billboards throughout the land;let us hope the state officials and those with the power to delve and if necessary to prosecute should all agree for once as to a thorough and complete review.If heads need to roll,so be it. For the taxpayers,fans, student body,employees alumni,sponsors and student-athletes one can plainly see: IT’S TIME!

  7. alum2004 says:

    During my 4 years at RU, athletics were a joke. So were the “athletes”. Then again, so was the RU1000. You guys act like you’re the Black Panthers. Step back and think about your message. The message shouldn’t be “level down athletics to raise academics”. How about instead of getting on another ‘department’ (let’s call it) for its budget and its coaches, etc. just concentrate on what you actually want to accomplish. The athletes and the athletic dept isn’t taking away the courses. The president and the Board of Governors are. Get on their case ABOUT the academics. Don’t bring in the athletics or you’ll never get anywhere. You sound like 10 yr olds blaming a sibling for the problems. You want to be taken seriously? Well then put those brains to work and strategize on how to raise academics.

    And, I’m not even sure how I landed here, but truthfully, we’re alumni. What the fuck do we care? If smart students no longer want to go to RU. Who cares? What do you have invested in RU? Memories? Blah. You took them with you.

  8. RC91 says:

    Yes. To all who support the football team and especially RobbyD I agree totally! RU is not an Ivy League school and never will be !! So few people had ever heard of RU until the football team did well in 2006. And, so, whiners, what have you done in the past 40 years that made Americans know RU was on the radar? NOTHING!

    Thank you, Greg Schiano and keep up the good work–now just learn how to pick some coaches and to sub out Teel and we might win 2 more games this year! ))

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