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Rutgers alums, use that same email address to join this growing organization.  Everyday new members join because they realize something has to be done, now, to reassert the importance of academics at the university.  This is the time.  The stadium expansion can be stopped.  It will be stopped.  And you can play your role.  Just email us to get your involvement started.

8 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Bob Gutkowski,R.U.'65 says:

    I think the good folks at Rutgers U. and Rutgers 1000 have to get USA Today on this story Nationwide. you may or may not get help from NYtimes or Philly Inq.but this story to a a greater than lesser degree is going on all over our country now.people can pillage and denigrate Rutgers .I just got back from Virginia home of UVA.some dumbassed remarks about Joisey and our alma mater.I shot back well Rutgers isn’t denigrating Christians like the Cavaliers.and how many recruits are you guys bringing in from D.C. that can read the side of a cereal box and have a rap sheet to boot.they shut up quick. I have traveled a lot in my career.Syracuse,Tennessee,Florida ST/ and Miami U also can stink out a room with their programs.keep the faith

  2. Serpico says:

    Since many of the complaints involve,in state and out of state activity,could the Federal Attorey’s Office get involved?

  3. ferdek says:

    no hope for the RU1000 under a regime of censhorship…

  4. BOB HENRY says:

    I’m glad to see Rutgers 1000 back in action. It infuriates me to see Rutgers involved in bigtime football mania & it saddens me to see sports involving real student -athletes like crew fall by the wayside.

  5. Under the RUg says:

    Now is the time for someone to dig deeper and deeper.If slush funds,inapropriate trips,jewelry,preferred or free seating was doled out to politicians and others, than someone has to be accountable for these actions.Rutgers University is looking more and more like a Third World Banana Republic these days as opposed to being an Institution of Higher Education.

  6. John Lister says:

    President McCormick published the report of the Athletics Review Committee and his response.

    I’m pleased to see that the report isn’t a whitewash: there is significant blame laid at the door of Mulcahy as the Director of Intercollegiate Athletics, and there are some useful recommendations for improving the management. What is missing, most significantly however, is the transparency that was promised. The athletics department can still hide its accounting from the public and the taxpayers of New Jersey.

  7. MoMoney says:

    Are Rutgers officials,stubhub and NCAA allowing the resale of football tickets via officials? There a real slap n the scarlet face of the season ticket holders who have to jump throgh hoops,come up with thousands of extra dollars to maintain their seats,while the illegal for of scalping by officials goes unchallenged.However, season ticket holders,don’t you dare try to resel your tickets at a game for fear of prosecution. Just RU turning their back once again on the obvious.How about the state AG getting involved and shutting down this illegal,unlicensed venue once and for all. Can you say kickbacks boys and girls?Something sure i the hell stinks.

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