Another football player arrested

March 11, 2008

More proof that going “big time” in football creates its own off the gridiron problems came with the news that another Rutgers footballer has been arrested. Another Florida recruit, Patrick Nemorin, appararently has been arrested for carrying a BB gun in a Rutgers dorm. Off the team because of an injury, Nemorin nonetheless is on campus because he was recruited by Rutgers football coach Greg Schiano.

Note to Athletic Director Bob Mulcahy: Are Rutgers students safer now than they were before the push into big-time football?  You tell us.

Bigtime Football and Criminality: Perfect Together

March 10, 2008

Hello Justin Francis, you’ve made the International Herald Tribune.  When Rutgers football tantalizes the world’s readers, shouldn’t this be a cause for celebration?  Not in the case of young Mr. Francis, a Rutgers recruit from Florida, who found himself charged with robbery, burglary, making terrorist threats and possession of a weapon for unlawful purposes after an incident involving the defensive tackle and several Rutgers students.  Alas, the Francis caper figured not only in the IHT’s news budget but in that of just about every newspaper in New Jersey, from the Home News to the Star Ledger.

Note to Athletic Director Robert Mulcahy: we will be tracking player arrests on an ongoing basis.   We are sure your youngsters will keep us busy.