Donations not tied to football

March 13, 2008

The Seattle Post Intelligencer recently ran a fascinating piece that emphatically debunks any linkage between gridiron performance and college fundraising.  Per the PI’s numbers, perhaps the University of Washington’s best fundraising year came in 2005-2006 when the football team went 2-9.  Much more money was raised that year than in 2000-2001 when the UW Huskies went 11-1.  The clear conclusion: Rutgers president Dick McCormick and athletic director Bob Mulcahy are propagating an expensive hoax that will suck more resources from academics in order to amuse a handful of university Trustees and RU boosters.  Is that wise allocation of scare resources?  Of course not.

 Interesting, too, is that this Seattle PI story has gone comparatively unnoticed by New Jersey media.  Send the link to local reporters, public officials, and of course to RU administrators.