High Winds Shaking this House of Cards

March 16, 2008

A curious factoid: polling of the rabid membership on the question — will you renew 2008 Rutgers football season tickets? — finds that nearly 8% of Scarlet Nation voters say no.

Ticket prices are up (about 10%), there’s an intense pressure to give extra money, and, probably the worst insult for hardcore fans, the schedule just is boring.  Constructed to virtually guarantee a “winning” season and another “bowl” appearance, the 2008 Scarlet Knights line-up includes home games against Howard (probably a 50 point underdog), Army (a 30 point underdog), TBA (our money is on TBA), and Syracuse (the Big East bottomfeeder).  Even Scarlet Nation rabid fans are fulminating about a schedule that can only be called unchallenging.

Our predictions: there will be a sharp fall-off in the season ticket waiting list (we expect it to evaporate) and, by season end, there will be many rows of empty seats (the 11-22 Army game will be lucky to draw 20,000).

Already there is a sports message board thread where a season-ticketholder is trying to unload his ducats.  The sports message boards will be full of such postings as we get nearer the season.  Watching Rutgers play Howard is akin to watching paint dry — boring, boring, boring.

Memo to those contemplating buying stadium bonds: an empty stadium won’t reward your investment.