Foot in Mouth Schiano

October 15, 2008

Okay, Greedy Greg cannot coach — that is a fact underlined by his stranglehold on an ESPN Bottom 10 rung — but now he is laying claim also to expertise in architecture, bonding, and educational governance, in his latest demand that Rutgers proceed with the cockamamie stadium expansion plan.

As reported in the Star Ledger, Schiano wants it known that the decision to go ahead with the stadium is not President McCormick’s, it’s not the BoG’s, it’s Greedy Greg’s: “We’re going to get the expansion done,’ Schiano said after Tuesday’s practice.”

That is interesting because the day before university officials told the press that they “would not be specific on the scope of stadium cuts — or if they were considering canceling the project’s second phase — but said all options were on the table.” No matter to Greedy Greg, he wants his seats, he wants them now, and he’ll throw a tanrum to get them!

Greedy Greg did not force readers to wonder why we need to go forward with the stadium tout suite.  Nope, he said: “People want to get in to our stadium to see us play,” Schiano said. “We’ve got to build seats for them.”

Are these the very same fans who are flooding StubHub and similar venues with Rutgers tickets they want to dump at any price?  The same fans who are flooding message boards with vitriolic attacks on Schiano’s competence?  Those fans?

And this is at the very same university that in such perilous financial shape that it is about to impose another, deep round of cutting classes and firing teachers?  As the Ledger reports in the same Schiano story: “Rutgers has seen its endowment value drop 10 percent recently and with potential budget cuts by the state, departments school-wide have been asked to delay or defer all non-essential spending.”  Yes, that same Rutgers.

Message board posters tear into Schiano at

* Posted by MineStreet on 10/14/08 at 7:35PM

All Schiano cares about is me-me-me. If he wants a stadium, why doesn’t he lead the way by donating half his salary this year? He definitely isn’t earning that $2 million he’s paid, and a $1 million donation would shut up every critic.

Posted by schianosucks on 10/14/08 at 7:59PM

Every time this idiot opens his mouth he digs another hole. If people can’t find a seat, why have I been emailed asking if i could use more seats? The excuse is that these were turn-ins from the visiting teams left on the schedule. Maybe, maybe not. To even raise the issue of the stadium when neither he nor his staff nor his team have performed as if they care is the height of insult. Until we rid ourselves of the Schiano-Mulcahy connection, this program will go nowhere. Where are we ranked? 103, 104? Right, this program deserves a stadium upgrade-just like all the other schools ranked in the 100’s. 

* Posted by rottentruth on 10/14/08 at 8:03PM

Shouldnt Greg worry more about his lousy team then the building they ‘play’ in?

Somehow I don’t think that a 1-5 coach should be demanding more seats. Get some wins then open your mouth coach.

The anti-Schiano posters just keep piling on — because, around about now, Greedy Greg has been unmasked as the coach destroyed by hubris.  Had he any nobility, one would call it a tragedy — but the man is but a pig at the trough and in New Jersey there is nothing at all special about that.

Visit, scroll down to the comments and start reading.  The ones posted by Schiano supporters are fewer in number, but incredibly funny.


Welcome Back: ESPN Bottom 10

October 14, 2008

Rutgers now has a firm grip on the #4 spot in ESPN’s roster of shame, the Bottom 10.

Welcome back!

The writer, David Duffey, reports: ” The Scarlet Knights are only 11-12 since knocking off No 3. Louisville and rising to No. 7 in November 2006. Their slide keeps getting worse.”

And Greedy Greg Schiano — in a deal negotiated by Big Bobby Mulcahy — gets paid $1.9 million + a car + housing + who knows what else for this?  Sing along.

Piling on Rutgers: Welcome to the Bottom 10

September 24, 2008

The media are in a mad dash to stomp the Mulcahy-McCormick-Schiano delusions into shards, and rightly so.  Those Three Stooges have gone far in bringing Rutgers to ruination.  But their end is nearing, as it becomes ever clearer that there will be no Phase 2 stadium expansion and the only real question left to ask is: who will be stuck paying Greedy Greg Schiano’s $2 million pay for the next decade?  Yeechh.

Feast on the negative media.

The main course: Rutgers yet again makes ESPN’s infamous “Bottom 10” football teams (in the #8 slot). Writes ESPN: “our pals from Piscataway have always had that Bottom 10 Verve. Welcome back. “

For more funereal news from ESPN, read “The Fall of the House of Rutgers,” a piece that zeroes in on Greedy Greg Schiano’s nonsensical doublespeak and also looks at the myth of “family” on the Rutgers team despite the Mike Teel punch seen ’round the world. –”In the locker room afterward, the Scarlet Knights players and coach repeatedly referred to the incident as something ‘in the family.’ If that’s the case, there’s no doubting that this is one seriously dysfunctional family.”

Memo to the early 2009 “verbal commits” to Greedy Greg’s “program;”  Listen here.  Stay committed if you like it.  If you don’t…you can break that oral agreement with a single word, nope.  Go with our best wishes.

The Star Ledger, meantime, explores the blogosphere’s coverage of the Teel punch here – and the piece references this blog too.

The Ledger cartoonist Sheneman skewers Schiano here

Oh, for another chuckle, check out the misspelled Jerseys worn by “Rutgres” players at the Navy game here.  Not only can’t Mulcahy function as a proper AD, he obviously cannot spell.  It stretches the imagination to see a “major” football team playing in uniforms with the school name misspelled.  Go Mulcahy!!!  Or should we type Mulcahey??

The Asbury Park Press weighs in with an editorial attacking McCormick and Rutgers: “Not helping the state university’s growing reputation for putting football before academics is the revelation in Sunday’s Star-Ledger that the state quietly has funneled $2.25 million over four years directly to the football program and athletic department. That money was tacked onto the state budget without public scrutiny.”

The APP continues: “Perhaps the biggest fumble in the decision-making at Rutgers during the last few years was to overreact to one winning season by continuing to pour the school’s resources into the football program while cutting back on staff and courses, eliminating other sports teams and boosting tuition. For that, McCormick and Rutgers trustees who allowed this to go on — and the state’s legislators who quietly channeled more money to the football program — deserve a big Bronx cheer.”

Our favorite, though, is the Daily Record’s editorial, Christmas at Rutgers: “It’s a shame money is not translating into wins for the Rutgers University football team. On the field, the Scarlet Knights at 0-3 are a major disappointment.

But off the field, money keeps on pouring in to the program. First, there was a $250,000 payment to coach Greg Schiano from a marketing firm that was undisclosed until reported by the press. Now, it surfaces that the state Legislature has given the university’s athletic department about $2.25 million in grants or so-called Christmas Tree items, over the last four or five years.”


Every dollar Mulcahy III touches is a dollar wasted.  That much is plain because his stewardship of men’s basketball and football has transformed mediocre low-cost teams into bad, high-cost teams.  And the recognition has been cascading through Trenton like stink on a foggy night in Secaucus.  


Feast on the realities:

* The stadium expansion is RIP (only the formal announcement needs be made).

* Mulcahy is a walking dead man.  Only his “retirement” papers need be processed.

* Attendance at the Morgan State game won’t top 20,000.  The stadium will stand half empty in a silent mockery of the premature Mulcahy-McCormick expansion plans.

* McCormick, alas, continues to preside over the academic collapase of Rutgers.


Hail the Three Stooges, hail.