Shoddy Construction Plagues Stadium Expansion

October 1, 2008

Club seat owners now are complaining about leaks that made sitting through the pointless Morgan State game all the more unpleasant.

Club seats of course cost $3000 and up and, apparently, takers are getting not only a bad football team but also a bad seat.

Of course there have been buckets of prior complaints about the contractor, Gilbane, so what better would you have expected?

The real question is why Mulcahy III hired Gilbane when the contractor had been fired from work on NJ public schools.

Meantime, the Chronicle of Higher Education reports the credit crisis leaving many colleges unable even to pay salaries.  And you still think Rutgers will able to float $100 million in bonds to pay for a stadium expansion that has a laughable repayment scheme and when boosters apparently were able to pony up only around $90k in donations…towards a $30 million goal.


State Sues Gilbane

June 18, 2008

The State of New Jersey today filed suit –– for $6.5 million — against Gilbane, the troubled contractor selected to handle the Rutgers Stadium expansion. The state maintains Gilbane never informed the state of a mold problem that was so pervasive it necessitated rebuilding the schools in Neptune (at a cost of an additional $13 million).

Earlier we reported on Rutgers’ stunning defense of Gilbane’s competency to handle the $100+ million project, despite the firm’s documented shortcomings with NJ schools projects and the fact that it has never built a similar stadium.

Keep in mind that in February the New Jersey Schools Development Authority fired Gilbane from some 22 construction projects, according to reporting by the Targum.

No word from Rutgers about whether it is reassessing Gilbane’s suitability for the stadium gig — but don’t hold your breath on that.

Another Stadium Disaster

April 28, 2008

How troubled is Gilbane, the contractor hired by Rutgers to build the $100+ million stadium expansion? Bad enough that the New Jersey Schools Development Authority in February fired Gilbane from some 22 construction projects, according to reporting by the Targum. Targum adds that NJSDA is preparing to file suit against Gilbane.

Gilbane already has a history also of New Jersey projects plagued with cost overruns. The NJSDA complaints revolve around shoddy work.

Predictably — sadly — university president Dick McCormick is quoted by Targum saying: “We’re very satisfied with Gilbane.” Sigh. We suppose it’s too much to expect McCormick to tell the truth: the stadium expansion plan is moronic and we should shut it down tout suite.

Incidentally, this is not the only news about Gilbane. In Rhode Island legislators are saying the award of a contract at the University of Rhode Island is both riskier and more expensive than necessary. That story is here. In Falmouth, MA, a high school renovation apparently has been plagued by problems — read about it here.

The Star Ledger, meantime, weighs in with this report on Gilbane, headlined: Report: Rutgers Stadium Contract Had Been Fired From Public School Job.

The AP picks up this ball and runs with it, in a story that says the Schools Development Authority is suing Gilbane for $13 million.

McCormick-Mulcahy had better hope that state political powerbroker Joe Cryan — who already is irked by corruption and waste at Rutgers — does not decide to hold hearings into the football stadium expansion which, increasingly, resembles a stereotypical New Jersey boondoggle. As the Gannett chain reported: “It is the height of hypocrisy for colleges to cry poverty while state watchdogs are printing page after page of evidence of waste,” Cryan said in a statement issued Friday.