Mulcahy Mans the Barricades

March 16, 2008
The following recent events at Rutgers seem to cry out for an editorial cartoon…
 – Two football players Justin Francis (handgun) and Patrick Nemorin (.177 caliber BB gun) are arrested for weapons possession and other offenses on campus.
 – AD Bob Mulcahy is quoted, “I look at athletics as the front porch of the university, as an opportunity for people to open the doors and see what’s inside.”
 – “Olympic sports,” crew, fencing, tennis and swimming are dropped supposedly due to an inability for them to be funded by the Athletic Department.
 – Millions and millions of dollars are planned to be spent for an expansion of the football stadium.
Can’t you just see the cartoon now…In the background an enormous football stadium, perfect in every way, labeled Rutgers University.  Connected to it a rickety porch like something from a Lil Abner comic strip.  On the porch sits AD Mul III wearing a straw hat and puffing on a corn cob pipe.  On either side of him stand football players holding various weapons and wearing cartridge belts with holsters.  Mull III is speaking, “Now keep a sharp lookout.  There are rowers, fencers, tennis players and swimmers out there trying to get in.  They are carrying oars, epees and rackets which could be dangerous on our campus.”
Somewhere on one of the fine NJ papers there is a cartoonist who can take this idea an run with it…with or without attribution…just be sure to send a copy to me.
Submitted by Dan “Torp” Toleno ’55