How much money is Rutgers losing on bigtime sports?

May 15, 2008

Guess a lot and you are on target.

Guess that the losses are never likely to end and, sadly, you are also right.

New research overseen by the Chronicle of Higher Education reports that “just 17 of the more than 300 athletics programs in all of Division I,‘about 5 percent’, earned a net profit between 2004 and 2006.”

The probability that Rutgers will ever be in that elite is slim to none. That’s just being realistic. Deluded jock-sniffers whose heads are filled with musty aromas may not be able to see this reality, but it is what it is: Rutgers will continue to lose money pursuing the tawdry dream of sports championships.

Where does the rest of the money come from? From the universities’ general funds of course. That means money is diverted from English and Philosophy to plug up losses incurred in football, basketball, and down the line.

And now we know there is no real end in view. Adding more seats to Rutgers Stadium — aka Mulcahy’s Folly — changes nothing since that increased revenue would be needed to pay off the debts incurred in adding the seats in the first place.

Talk about Idiocracy in action!!


Win Idiocracy: New Contest

May 5, 2008

Raucous, irrational fans are notorious for the worst kind of anti-social violence. So we have to ask: When will Rutgers fans seek to castrate UConn fans? Is that where we are heading? Don’t snort. Exactly that scenario played out in Oklahoma when a 53-year-old Oklahoma fan (who happens to be a deacon in his church) apparently attempted to castrate a Texas fan. The victim’s only “sin” — wearing a Texas t-shirt. This incredible story is here, and here. Yes, this story is not breaking news; we offer it up as a harbinger of what could come to Piscataway as booster culture takes hold and sports cretins proliferate.

Email us with hot tips about misbehavior by Rutgers fans. A copy of Idiocracy will go to the informant with the sorriest tale of Rutgers fan hooliganism. See some of Idiocracy, see more here.

Don’t think the triumph of mindless fandom depicted in the film cannot happen here. Gresham’s Law bodes poorly for Rutgers tomorrow, unless we join together today to put an abrupt stop to the spread of booster culture.

Tell us what you’ve seen and we’ll highlight the most egregious incidents of rampant vulgarity, i.e., fans being fans.