Raining Bad News on Rutgers: Mulcahy III’s Legacy

July 31, 2008

The terrible press continues to pour on Rutgers and its athletic director, Mulcahy III, he of the air of scumbag entitlement. From today’s clippings:

* “Show Us The Money.” The Asbury Park Press editorializes about the farce the Seatbelt Corzine-Elizabeth Ray Lesniak private fundraising has degenerated into. The best line in the piece: “How many ways are there to illustrate the word ‘debacle’? It looks like the Rutgers stadium project might have a lock on many of them.”

* “Corzine and ethics don’t mix.” An editorial in Gannett’s central Jersey papers, posted at MyCentralJersey.com. The best line in this editorial about the private fund raising debacle: “the governor has proven to be just like so many others, believing ethical restraints are for other people. He makes up the rules that apply to himself as he goes along.” Are you reading, Seatbelt Corzine?

No one remembers a time when so many newspapers across the state joined in editorializing with so much agreement. Rutgers does not need this reckless and wasteful stadium expansion, few want it, and what people do want is accountability and transparency in Rutgers affairs coupled with a push for more investment in academics. It really is time to give Mulcahy III that imitation Rolex in a midnight retirement ceremony in Piscataway. Kick him in the rear, and let’s get moving to repair the damage he has inflicted on Rutgers.

New anti-Mulcahy-McCormick groups keep forming too. Freshly up on the web is Rutgers Watch, with an indepth look at the old Jocksniffer Gamper and Slick McCormick’s flatulent wee special committee on athletics spending. Do you think they’ll sit on whoopie cushions at their meetings? Just to set the right, proper tone?


Schianogate on TV

July 31, 2008

The deepening scandal that is unraveling the Rutgers athletic department made the airwaves tonight — move the cursor to 8:27 and sit back for a couple minute piece on New Jersey Public Television. The state comptroller’s investigation, the special Rutgers committee, the “funny” movement of money from Nelligan into a Greedy Greg Schiano LLC all figure into the report.

Read more clips here — there’s coverage in the Asbury Park Press, the Star Ledger, Philly Inky, Newsday and more, as the Mulcahy III athletics reign continues to shower shame on Rutgers University.

PolitickerNJ piles on with a pithy skewering of Mulcahy III the man who would be king (if only he had a brain and a heart and could shed that air of scumbag entitlement).

And College On The Record comes out slugging with a story headlined, RU Athletics Caught Embezzling Money, Again.

Way to go, Mulcahy III! You continue to deliver more media coverage for the university and, for sure, this will translate into more and better applicants and more and bigger donations. Righto!

The puzzlement is that anyone, ever, believed Mulcahy III’s proclamations. Somebody did, didn’t they?