(Im)perfect together: Football and academics

March 10, 2008

Fifty-fifty. That’s the chances of a Rutgers football recruit sticking with the program and actually achieving a degree, according to a probing story in the Star-Ledger. Here is what the piece reports: “according to federal filings, Rutgers’ graduation rate, which measures how many players actually end up getting their degrees within six years, averaged 46 percent the past four years, lowest in the Big East Conference. The national average for football teams was 56 percent. The Rutgers football team’s rate this year was lower than 64 percent of bowl-bound schools, including East Carolina, Southern Mississippi and Boise State.”

You might be asking, haven’t we heard so much about Coach Schiano’s exemplary scholastic assistance programs?  Indeed you have, just as you also heard so much about morality from New York Governor Spitzer.  Sometimes, alas, words just are words and when RU sports zealots are involved loud sounds alone suffice.