The Paranoia Thickens at Rivals

March 21, 2008

As the number of season ticket holders who say they won’t renew climbs, Rivals fanatics are mounting increasingly frantic attempts to drive “yes” voters to the poll, even ones who don’t hold tickets. Here’s a for-instance of a blatant call for stuffing the ballot box. Here’s another one posted by an individual who calls himself RUJohnny99

Obviously, RUJohnny edited his posts — embarrassed perhaps because apparently nobody heeded his call to arms. Note: here is a link to RUJohnny’s original SOS.

The desperation of these rabid Rivalers makes a pathetic kind of sense. Right now, over 11% of ticket holders say they won’t renew, and if these kinds of numbers play out in the real world, the reckless stadium expansion plan will be that much closer to a merciful death.

The Rivals poll of course holds little meaning, except as an augury of what may or may not play out in Rutgers’ ticket sales in the next month or two.

We hold to our prediction: the waiting list will evaporate and, by the Army game, the stands will be half empty.

Bad football holds no allure for New Jersey residents and, as the elder Richard McCormick suggested to the New York Times 10 years ago, this is no place for small time college football. “Rutgers could have trouble making money on sports because of its location, said Richard McCormick, the university historian. With the New York Giants, the New York Jets and the Philadelphia Eagles nearby, New Jersey residents are less likely to attend college football games, he said.”

We are amused, though, that Rivals has sunk into thickening paranoia about our blog: Writes LawMatt78,Are you guys aware that several of you are being quoted on the RU1000 blog?”

Now they are.

Rivals Nixes Mulcahy

March 20, 2008

They just aren’t coming. Even the rabid Rutgers Rivals fanbase is nixing the boring. boring, boring 2008 Scarlet Knights cupcake schedule, per a Rivals poll. Updating an earlier blog entry…now over 10% of Rivals voters are saying they will not renew their tickets. This is creating screams of anguish on the part of some devout fans — who claim everything from ballot box stuffing to Communist infiltration. Writes AreYouNuts(sic): “I’m having quite a hard time believing that 23 seperate members of this board have voted “no”. Something smells rotten!” The thread is a scream, well worth reading for comic moments.

It is easy to blame conspiracies. But the reality seems simpler. Amidst a worsening recession and in a geographical region with a multitude of entertainment options, watching seven tepid Rutgers home football games just seems, well, boring, boring, boring. It’s just not much fun watching teams that are not very good. And so even once enthusiastic fans are saying no.