Rivals Quotation of the Week

March 26, 2008

“How does a group whose mission statement refers to the administration as ‘jock-sniffers’ expect to be taken seriously?” Posted by LawMatt78 at the Scarlet Nation website.

We have a question in a similar vein: how does an administration of jock-sniffers expect to be taken seriously?

It’s a serious question for Rutgers president Dick McCormick and, we are afraid, nobody takes his administration very seriously anyway, not since the unfortunate revelations that he took the Rutgers job because the Washington Regents had shown him the door.

Read the Rivals thread. It is filled with caterwauling about this site…but not a word about scholarship, or the increasing lack thereof, at Rutgers. But why should there be, in a sports-crazed online world that is satisfied with a Potemkin Village of intellectually hollow classrooms to dress up the sweaty Saturdays.