The Official Rutgers 1000 T-Shirt Contest

A blog reader emailed with this tantalizing proposition:

“A psychologist named Elliot Aronson has been investigating the ways in which people are hard-wired — he sees it as an evolutionary mechanism — to deny what they don’t want to admit. As a survival tactic, so to speak. Here’s the reviewer’s summary:

[Aronson follows this basic process of dissonance reduction] “through public policy, medicine, law, psychotherapy, intergroup prejudice, personal memories, and marriage. In general, people forget facts that they may have behaved stupidly or badly, they seek and believe information that confirms what they already ‘know’, and deny or dismiss contradictory evidence.

For example, drug companies will dismiss the results of studies showing that their new drugs are no better, and sometimes worse, than the cheaper varieties already available. Doctors will fail to notice symptoms that are inconsistent with their initial diagnosis. Police and prosecutors identify a prime suspect and from that moment it becomes increasingly difficult for them to consider — or even to notice — any evidence to the contrary. Even if DNA testing eventually proves the suspects innocence, some prosecutors still cannot admit — or even believe — that they were wrong.

Times Literary Supplement, March 28, 2008, p. 30.

I went back to the Rivals stadium thread and immediately saw multiple posts like this one:

* we will always have anti RU media people

* I am sure in others states the same happens. If the state was giving Univ of Mich money then alums from Mich St, C Mich, E Mich, and the other directional Mich’s will complain. The same holds true in Florida. The only difference is that those schools have donations to cover expansion and do not use state money.

In fact, so far as I can tell the entire Rivals board is one long exercise in dissonance reduction whenever the point is raised that Div IA sports might be harmful or destructive to a university: the Scarlet R types are textbook examples of those who “seek and believe information that confirms what they already ‘know’, and deny or dismiss contradictory evidence.”

The RU1000 students have decided to sponsor a contest. Playing is easy. Just read through the Rivals board looking for examples of the phenomenon described by Aronson. The person who locates and submits the most flagrant example will be awarded a classic Rutgers 1000 t-shirt.”

More details here.

Closing date: May 31.

21 Responses to The Official Rutgers 1000 T-Shirt Contest

  1. charlie says:

    You understand that examples of the phenomenon described by Aronson can be used for your group as well. Quite shortsighted on your part.

  2. Joe says:

    Pathetic Dweeb Envious of Popular Athletes.

  3. Me smart student. You dumb jock

  4. mike b says:

    I have an idea:

    RUTGERS 1000:
    we suck

  5. Rick says:

    RUTGERS 1000: If only we had 994 more members

  6. jim says:

    Rutgers 1000 I’m on the season ticket waiting list too!

  7. T. Ferguson says:

    The ironing is uncanny!

  8. JD Sherman says:

    1. “Loser”
    2. “I’m in college and I still can’t get laid.”
    3. “Pay attention to me!”
    4. “I’m smrter than you. REALLY!”
    5. “Anti-social”
    6. “Communism, not Football.”

  9. IAmBetterThanAnyOfYou says:

    RU-10…Losing Again!

  10. Richard Chef says:

    Babelfish screwed up my latin translation.

  11. RBS05 says:

    I hope you put the winning quote on your matching KKK hoods.

  12. Jock says:

    Dowling’s brown nosers

  13. I’ve never been laid, but I have this great T-Shirt.

  14. RUGLA says:

    You guyssss are sooooo cute! When isss your next meeting? I am a fag and hate successsssful people too!

  15. FoxyLady says:

    If two losers talk shit about their own school and no one is there to listen. Does anybody care?

  16. RU1000Hater says:

    RU1000 – Exactly what is NOT needed at Rutgers University.

  17. R1000.............SUCKS says:

    Rutgers10 members, honestly have you guys ever touched a girl? No? Oh yeah…sorry I forgot you like dudes…

  18. JoeWillie12 says:

    RU1000 Grey Matter over Greenbacks. SAT’s over Slush Funds; REALISM over RED INK!

  19. alan wright says:

    Not only does dissonance reduction apply to RU fanatics, but it applies to RU rejectionists… like RU10s who fish and fondle for that which affirms their views.

    In posting this, RU10 has endorsed the half-cocked view of the blogger, who denies what he does not want to admit: that he too is hard-wired to ignore evidence inconsistent or inconvenient to his views. By way of example, the blogger may ignore that the RU fanatics do have legitimate rejoinders to the RU10 position. Likewise, RU10 may so fascinate and enliven each other that they ignore how clannishness, cattyness, and curtness stymie their essential purpose, effectiveness, and PR. Apparently RU10 suspends animation and cognitive dissonance both.

    As to the T-shirt:



    RC ’03
    RU-SLN ’10 (candidate)

  20. RUcklessDriving says:

    Two sided print t-shirt:Front- Pictures of D.Clark,A.Peterson,A.Miller,J.Francis,P.Nemorin,N.Robinson,B.Hutchinson with the inscription “National Title Founding Fathers” over the top of the group mugshot. Back: Right hand of a certain politician and his three free Bowl Rings clutching a RU paid plane ticket to an away game and a comp’d pass to the Buddabing Lounge. “Ethics and RU,Perfect together”!

  21. Josh says:


    Terry Shea 1996–2000 11-44-0 (.200)
    Greg Schiano 2001–present 39-50-0 (.438)

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